Edson Athayde
CEO & CCO at FCB Lisbon
Lisboa, Portugal
TituloTears form th Heart
Campanha Tears from the Heart
Anunciante Portuguese Association of Cardiology
Marca Portuguese Association of Cardiology
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Saúde e produtos farmacêuticos
Legenda Tears from the Heart
História Hypertension is responsible for 34% of deaths in Portugal. The main culprit? The excessive salt consumption. To create awareness around this serious public health problem, the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation carefully collected tears from stroke victim’s relatives and, by a salinization process, transformed into salt crystals. A unique line of salt that uses mourning as its raw material. And a powerful weapon against hypertension that impacted thousands of portuguese people in pharmacies around the country. 
Filosofia Our audience is portuguese man and women between 30 and 65 years old, the main victims of hypertension. This simple and powerful idea brings awareness and relevance to such an important public health problem. Our approach was to get straight to the heart of the portuguese people through this powerful content featuring stories told by stroke victim’s relatives. All the process from the interviews with the relatives to the collect and special salinization of the tears took 8 months and was documented. Then, gained the social media through post on social media and the website historiadefibra.com reaching all the portuguese social audience and gaining engagement to the hypertension cause. 
Problema Hypertension is responsible for 34% of deaths in Portugal. The main culprit? The excessive salt consumption. The Portuguese Cardiology Foundation asked us for something more than advertising, a strong idea capable of raising awareness to this serious public health problem. 
Resultado This very serious public health problem never had so much attention. Portuguese people never talked so much of our cause on internet and at the streets. The engagement the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation needs is being reached day by day. 
Tipo de Mídia Viral
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Director de arte

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