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Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 15 May 2023
Fake news, propaganda around the war in Ukraine, the danger that AI will rewrite history: perhaps more than ever, the truth is under threat. So it’s no surprise that, around the world, charities, the media and agencies have spoken up to defend the truth and decry censorship. ler mais

India Fizer
por India Fizer on 21 April 2023
In celebration of Earth Day, we've rounded up top campaigns that raise awareness of the climate crisis and champions sustainable practices. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on  8 March 2023
Consumers are keeping an eye on their budgets and being urged to consume less energy. Is there a way of making moderation fun? ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 10 February 2023
Inspired by this month’s Grammy Awards, we take a look at campaigns that give music a leading role. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on  6 February 2023
We all know that the Super Bowl is a showcase for some of the year’s most scrutinized advertising. But how did it get that way? And why is it still thriving? ler mais

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