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Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 12 February 2024
While the event has always been a showcase for the chirpier side of advertising (as opposed to somber purpose-driven campaigns), it seemed there was a determination to shrug off the dark clouds that swirl around the rest of the media. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 10 January 2024
Prediction is a tricky business. Nonetheless, this year’s predictions are bubbling to the surface and, as usual, we feel it’s our duty to share some of them with you.  ler mais

India Fizer
por India Fizer on 19 December 2023
With the rapid evolution of technology, the adoption of AI tools in advertising has opened the door for new opportunities, as well as new challenges. Checking in with industry experts, we asked agencies their predictions on how the deployment of AI will evolve next year in advertising and marketing. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 14 December 2023
Once upon a time, the festive season was a purely analogue affair. Logs on the fire, gifts under the tree. Today, of course, it’s taken on some digital aspects...Here are a few innovative and digital projects with a sprinkle of tinsel. ler mais

India Fizer
por India Fizer on 28 November 2023
Inequality in healthcare and personalized health services for marginalized groups is a prevalent issue that many agencies have been trying to tackle. We are taking a look at campaigns and initiatives that open the conversation for DEI in healthcare advertising. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 15 November 2023
Whether they’re referred to as “teens” or Generation Z, their world can seem opaque to brands, whose efforts to reach them sometimes fall wide of the mark. BETC Fullsix delved into Gen Z’s attitudes and media consumption. Here are ten points we found compelling. ler mais

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