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Epica Awards 2023

The Epica Awards: objective and unbiased since 1987. Epica is the only global creative prize awarded by journalists working for marketing and communications magazines around the wo...

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Care Awards 2023

The European Association of Communications Agencies and ACT Responsible conceived this creative award in 2008 in a bid to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution...

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Effie France 2023

EFFIE is recognized by agencies and advertisers as the pre-eminent award in the advertising industry. It is the only national award that honors creative achievement in meeting and...

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Ciclope 2023

Cíclope International Advertising Craft Festival has been created to recognize those who provide artistic talent to the production of advertising films. It has been held for the fi...

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LIA 2023

London International Awards stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course fantastic creative work. Created for creatives, we stand for great cre...

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Golden Drum 2023

Golden Drum is more than an international competition of creative advertising and more than its legendary parties and the award shows. It is made to inspire. It is inspiring amazin...

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The Loeries 2023

The Loerie Awards are one of the most prestigious creative advertising awards in the Southern Hemisphere, established in 1978 by the Association of Marketers in order to recognize...

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Shark Awards 2023

Ireland has been host to one of the most exciting and highly regarded TV, radio, cinema commercials, promotion and for the first year in 2008, advertising festivals. It attracts en...

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The Cresta Awards were launched in 1993 by Creative Standards International, in partnership with the International Advertising Association. The Cresta Awards are steadily gaining...

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Mar 21, 2024
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