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Exclusive 21 February 2018

"Most people who aren’t in the industry don’t really know the difference between what a producer and director does."ler mais

21 February 2018

"I always wanted to be a ‘creator of things’ in a creative environment"ler mais

Exclusive 21 February 2018

"There are many routes into directing, so don't feel the 'traditional' film school way is the only way."ler mais

21 February 2018

Dave Wood describes himself as a juggler, an interpret who ocasionnaly point camerasler mais

TOPIC: Production
Headline Makers 20 February 2018

A new agency named Dingo&Schwarz is offering smart solutions from 'a small country'. We chat to co-founder Krista Teivāne.ler mais

Exclusive 20 February 2018

"When you see someone who looks or reminds you of yourself achieve breakthrough moments you believe that it is within your own reach"ler mais

19 February 2018

Lemon Scented Tea takes you deep into Amsterdam's bicycle culture for Veloretti.ler mais

Exclusive 14 February 2018

The issue of diversity in our industry is about truly embracing the differences that others bring to the table.ler mais

Exclusive 14 February 2018

Any "creative career" is difficult. Because you gotta be really passionate about it and you gotta work really hard everyday.ler mais

Exclusive 14 February 2018

Directors often have no idea what to do. The job isn’t about knowing what to do all of the time, but rather about finding solutions quickly.ler mais

TOPIC: Director