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Exclusive 12 December 2017

"It's that time of the year. God is in the details."ler mais

Exclusive 7 December 2017

"We truly believed in our concept and we made the movie overnight to show it to our creative directors."ler mais

Exclusive 7 December 2017

"We wondered: what if even Santa had to rely on Manor’s expertise in Holiday gifts?"ler mais

Exclusive 7 December 2017

"We wanted to show girls and women being themselves, rather than a stereotype that’s often seen in advertising."ler mais

Exclusive 6 December 2017

"Christmas is even more unforgettable when the unexpected turns up."ler mais

Exclusive 6 December 2017

"It is pervasive to every facet of a brand, the company, the people that work at the company and behaviors outside of marketing efforts are as...ler mais

Exclusive 5 December 2017

"You don’t have to spend millions to create a Christmas campaign that stands out."ler mais