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Nathalie Lam (Philips): ‘I hope the diversity discussion will be irrelevant in ten years’
The Epica Awards, the international prize for creative campaigns, will be returning to the Netherlands, as an interactive conference, this November. The theme is ‘Will responsibility (eventually) kill creativity?’ concerning the purpose campaigns that are becoming increasingly more common. spoke to organizer Kyra Roest (Embassy of Dutch Creativity, Adbusiness.Amsterdam) and Nathalie Lam (Philips) about the event and the theme. Ler Mais


  • Alors que l'un des plus grands salons automobiles ouvre ses portes, nous allons voir comment les évolutions de la technologie ont influencé la...
    Mark Tungate
    por Mark Tungate on   4 October 2018
  • With posts from social media influencers, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s supposed to be a reflection of real life and what’s purposely...
    on   3 October 2018
  • As one of the world’s biggest motor shows gets into gear, we examine how changing technology is influencing car communications.
    Mark Tungate
    por Mark Tungate on  28 September 2018
  • The New Marketing Battlefront: Reducing Waste.
    Bruno Gralpois
    por Bruno Gralpois on  25 September 2018
  • Search and social to drive 67% of adspend growth by 2020. Brands invest more in SEO as they develop strategies for voice search.
    on  25 September 2018

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