Christmas campaigns with an innovative twist

In adland, this time of year is associated with big budget, emotional films. But there are other ways of channelling the festive spirit.

por Mark Tungate , Adforum

Once upon a time, the festive season was a purely analogue affair. Logs on the fire, gifts under the tree. Today, of course, it’s taken on some digital aspects: last Christmas I spoke to my overseas relatives on Zoom and shared a picture of the tree on Instagram. For advertisers, too, the holidays are no longer just about heart-rending films (although we still love those). Here are a few innovative and digital projects with a sprinkle of tinsel.

Personally I always wear my most garish pullover for Christmas, but this year WWF and Accenture Song in Milan offer an alternative. Via the WWF website you can buy one of four nature-friendly sweater designs, with the proceeds going to conservation efforts for endangered species. The film to introduce the idea is just…wild.



Kids in the UK love getting chocolate coins – wrapped in gold foil – as a treat, and Cadbury was delighted to announce that they were back this year. So with VCCP it found a group of festive influencers who were happy to integrate the coins in their over-the-top decorations – and share the result on social. Here’s a quick glimpse.



The holiday season is a light-hearted affair, but we can’t ignore the hardship that’s currently being suffered by many around the world. Here, Amnesty International weighs in with an alternative Christmas song to remind us of what’s happening in Ukraine.



On a completely different note, Burger King and BBH hijacked another Christmas song in a clever radio campaign. The pop hit “Driving Home For Christmas” was hacked by a sat-nav that directed drivers to the nearest BK drive-through. Not only that, but the ad was edited into several regional versions, so motorists could easily grab a burger on the way home. The web film that introduces the idea is somewhat surreal.



Want more Christmas songs? Here’s EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum, which with the agency The Public House took ownership of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”. The lyrics mention a New York Police Department choir that in fact never existed. Until now.



When you’re a child, you naturally want to be up and about first on The Big Day, so you can open your presents. But what if your older relatives beat you to it? Not to worry – thanks to the magic of technology, VCCP Madrid created an alarm clock only kids can hear!



Finally, for an overdose of snow, twinkling lights and potential gifts, here’s this year’s spectacular online film from Dior, featuring the actress Anna Taylor-Joy and the kind of whispered voiceover that no fragrance ad should be without.



Happy Holidays everyone!