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Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 12 February 2024
While the event has always been a showcase for the chirpier side of advertising (as opposed to somber purpose-driven campaigns), it seemed there was a determination to shrug off the dark clouds that swirl around the rest of the media. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 14 December 2023
Once upon a time, the festive season was a purely analogue affair. Logs on the fire, gifts under the tree. Today, of course, it’s taken on some digital aspects...Here are a few innovative and digital projects with a sprinkle of tinsel. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 14 November 2023
Screens are an easy diversion. Our smartphones sit beside us throughout the day: at work, at mealtimes, in the evening. Picking up a book or visiting a museum feels increasingly like an effort. But bookstores, libraries and cultural institutions are fighting back – often, ironically, using digital media. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 11 October 2023
As a season, autumn has its fans, particularly if they get a kick out of Halloween. The annual fright fest is a favourite with brands, which is hardly surprising: in the US alone, last year consumers spent 3.1 billion dollars on candy during the Halloween period... ler mais

Philippe Paget
por Philippe Paget on 15 May 2023
Fake news, propaganda around the war in Ukraine, the danger that AI will rewrite history: perhaps more than ever, the truth is under threat. So it’s no surprise that, around the world, charities, the media and agencies have spoken up to defend the truth and decry censorship. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on  6 February 2023
We all know that the Super Bowl is a showcase for some of the year’s most scrutinized advertising. But how did it get that way? And why is it still thriving? ler mais

on 11 October 2022
Sound is an integral piece in the puzzle of filmmaking. My first introduction to a “professional” sound experience was at the legendary VFX innovator Doug Trumbull’s studio. Doug was all about creating an experience for the audience.  ler mais

India Fizer
por India Fizer on 16 August 2021
This month, we’re taking a long overdue look at the some of the best work coming out of Australia ler mais

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