R3 Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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23/F, One Island East 18 Westlands Road.
Hong Kong
Telefone: (+852) 3750 7980

Basic Info

Fundada em: 2002


R3 Hong Kong

23/F, One Island East 18 Westlands Road.
Hong Kong
Telefone: (+852) 3750 7980

About R3 Hong Kong

R3 is the most experienced global consultancy, with cases and talent spread around the globe on independent benchmarking and improvement of marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

The company was founded by Greg Paull and Shufen Goh, who, in 2002, combined more than 25 years of working experience in the US, Europe and Asia, into a new type of consultancy focused on marketers and their Agency Reviews, Relationships and Remuneration.

As the consultancy grew, we have expanded our service offering to help with Return on Media, Return on Investment and Return on Assets. 


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Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

Our work is founded around three core values:

We dig deeper and invest resources to learn more about global, regional and local agencies – across all marketing disciplines, including the latest in digital, mobile and social media.

We don’t earn fees from agencies related to our marketing services work. We remain objective, impartial and focused.

We work to a high moral ethic on the belief that when the best people are aligned and motivated, they can build brands and businesses. 

Descrição da Rede

R3 is the most experienced consultancy specializing in agency management consulting. We are now made up of 100 experienced professionals around the world, with on-the-ground representation in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. 

Áreas de atuação

We help marketers find, pay and keep the best possible agency relationships – covering Creative, Media, PR, Digital, Social, Performance, Event, Promotions and CRM. We offer professional analysis of the media process, planning and buying with proprietary benchmarks and tools to set and measure performance. We conduct financial audits to validate and benchmark transparency. Using a proprietary methodology, we help benchmark and provide insights into how your digital strategies perform in your category and across categories.