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225 South Lake Ave, Ste 300
Los Angeles CA 91101
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225 South Lake Ave, Ste 300
Los Angeles CA 91101
Estados Unidos
Andrew Dubois

Andrew Dubois

Head of Brand Management

About Damage

Damage is the creative agency that focuses on engaging consumers through the virtual frontier of gaming & streaming.

Founded by gaming industry experts and powered by award-winning ad agency leaders, Damage delivers thought-provoking, category-shattering campaigns and content that resonates with our community. We consistently deliver provocative and authentic ideation for our clients in order to ingrain their brand with gamers.

Agency capabilities include brand strategy, creative, digital / social, influencer marketing, experiential and pro team partnerships.

To learn more, please visit damagecreative.com 


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Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

Forged by the combination of pro gamers and agency veterans, Damage taps into that combined knowledge to engage with consumers precisely and authentically by speaking their language on any medium possible, including gamer staples such as Twitch, Discord and TikTok.

Fluent with the contemporary and everchanging gaming culture, our specialization includes but is not limited to: livestream & social-based activations, creative, content production, influencer strategy, endemic hardware marketing, and pro & collegiate esports partnerships.

Gaming culture is not a 9-5 vocation for our team, it is the driving passion that stimulates our lives. We put up points and maintain our edge in the category because we never take a play off, never miss a launch, and through our dedication to the game, are always up to our eyeballs in What’s Next. We live how we work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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