TituloeasyJet 20th Anniversary
Campanha easyJet 20th Anniversary
Anunciante Easyjet
Marca easyJet
PostedOutubro 2018
Sector Empresarial Transportes aéreos, de estrada, marítimos, ferroviários e de cruzeiro
História Using digital and content to drive loyalty in a highly competitive and volatile market, and increasing the number of visitors to particular locations
Our work transformed easyJet within the airline sector. Delivering a 350:1 ROI, we delivered personalisation at scale. 
Filosofia “Email is now driving more than double the proportion of easyJet.com traffic and close to 70% more revenue against the same period last year. Emailed customers are 20% more valuable and book 11% more frequently than non-emailable customers.” Carolyn McCall, CEO EasyJet
What was the clever bit?People don’t travel budget for the experience in the air. They travel for what happens when they land. You don’t need data to tell you that. What you can only uncover through data is why each of those people wants to travel, where they want to go next and what they intend to do when they get there. Our programme has allowed easyJet to know 60 million people around the world so well that it can anticipate their individual travel needs. Didn’t realise you’d been hankering for a trip to Berlin? easyJet did. Forgotten you need travel insurance? easyJet hasn’t.
Problema We started on a journey to know our customers, connect with them in the channels they wanted to communicate in and serve them content and messages appropriate to their needs. By doing that we were able to move from personalised communications to creating personal connections.
In a dramatic shift for easyJet and for the airline sector itself, we moved away from the obvious tactic of sales-driven, batch-blasted communications and created a multi-channel, content-led approach which actually reflected the human truth about travel: Travellers care more about the experience they have when they arrive at the destination, than they do about how they get there.
We used further data insights to better solve and anticipate customers issues, concerns or motivations. We gathered detailed profiles by segment, incorporating demography, geography, behaviour and preferences.
This enabled us to create flexible inspiring messages and content across every touchpoint on our customers’ journey, to make every step of the process as personal as the trip itself. 
Resultado From start to finish the customer journey was transformed:

Our pre-flight programme achieved 83% open rate and 39% CTR with conversion to sales at nearly 15%
The average value of an active customer doubled in the past five years
We delivered £101m annual incremental revenue
Our customer base grew from 1.6k in 1995 to over 65.5m customers 
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