TituloTrain the Trainers
Campanha Train the Trainers
Anunciante Galderma Laboratories LP
Marca Galderma
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Hospitais e clínicas
História Challenge
Galderma found the traditional B2B medical symposium setting they were using to train medical professionals and showcase their products uninspiring; it didn’t match the energy and technological wonder of their products. Our task: revolutionize the “Train the Trainers” experience, disrupt the B2B dermatology space and set a new standard.
We created the theme of “Technology Meets Technique,” and then set to work, shattering conventions and building an immersive experience more like a rock concert than a training seminar, which combined advanced multi-sensory technology and human connection.

The experience started in the attendees’ inboxes where they received an alluring “Save the Date” video, setting the tone of the event, and building excitement.
“Technology Meets Technique” was woven into every touchpoint: from the look and feel of the materials to custom VR apps, and captivating live presentations.
We designed and built a set with a catwalk, stadium seating, custom lighting, and sound solutions, all designed and crafted to seamlessly join presenter and audience.
Attendees could immediately apply what they learned with a hands-on “Cadaver Lab.” Talk about immersion!

We changed the way medical professionals viewed this event: once obligatory, now eagerly anticipated, enjoyed, and shared on social media.
Even more impressive were the sales numbers – Results from the Train The Trainer Restylane Refyne and Defyne product launch exceeded expectations with more units sold over plan and a solid re-order rate.
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