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2801 North Central Expressway Suite 100
Dallas Texas 75204-3663
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 214 891 5700

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Competências Essenciais: Digital, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Optimização de motores de busca, Serviços de marketing, Promoção de vendas/ponto de venda, Marketing direto/Telemarketing/ Database marketing/CRM, Relações públicas, Compra e planeamento de media, Comunicação institucional, Marcas/desenvolvimento de produto, Embalagem/design, Planeamento estratégico

Fundada em: 1976

Empregados: 742

Prêmios: 56

Clientes: 78

The Richards Group

2801 North Central Expressway Suite 100
Dallas Texas 75204-3663
Estados Unidos
Telefone: (+1) 214 891 5700

Diane Fannon

Principal/Brand Management

Telefone: (+1) 214-891-5710

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About The Richards Group

The Richards Group became a full-service advertising agency 41 years ago. We are now the largest independent agency in America (with billings just north of $1.41 billion). We are not for sale. Not now. Not ever. With no investors, shareholders, or partners to answer to, we’re never diverted from our focus on our work, our clients, and our people (and at last count, we had 742 of those). We exist to endear brands to people. We believe that a brand is a promise and that this promise should be expressed consistently at every point of contact to maximize a brand’s clarity, relevance, and power. It should come as no surprise, then, that we have built the holistic capabilities necessary to build brands through all forms of communication. 


Inglês, Espanhol
Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

All advertising agencies make ads, some better ads than others, and a few agencies consistently create the most powerful communications. But what separates the agencies that consistently produce the very best work? It's the way they think about their obligation to their clients and the way they go about meeting it. The Richards Group is devoted to building brands in all forms of communication at every contact point. We've assembled all the important resources an agency should offer, as well as services agencies 10 times our size can't or won't. Our full service capabilities include: Advertising & Marketing, Hispanic/Ethnic Marketing and Advertising, Relationship Marketing/Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Sales Promotion, Naming, Graphics Design, Interactive Communications, Employee Brand Training and Employee Selection. Our mission is to do great work. Make a difference. Have fun. And along the way, become the best advertising agency in the world.

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