TituloWhat if? 2
Campanha What if?
Anunciante IBM
Marca IBM

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Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação Somente assinantes
Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Televisão
VFX/Post Production
Music / Sound Design
Director de publicidade Jo....an A....ek Somente assinantes
Content Director ..e R...s Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade R...i S...es Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade C....io Zi.....rg Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade J...ph P...a Somente assinantes
Chief Creative Officer ..z T...or Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo M....ew C...y Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo A..e Gu.....rez Somente assinantes
Director criativo R...el Fr.....ck Somente assinantes
Director criativo M....ed D..a Somente assinantes
Director criativo R..n Q....ey Somente assinantes
Director assistente criativo ..n M....on Somente assinantes
Director assistente criativo A...ew C...is Somente assinantes
Director de arte N..i P..k Somente assinantes
Design Director St.....ie D....le Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo da agência J..k P....ck Somente assinantes
Produtor da agência S...h P....le Somente assinantes
Content Producer N..k B....na Somente assinantes
Business Affairs L...y F..e Somente assinantes
Managing Diretor J...my K..n Somente assinantes
Managing Diretor T..a G...ey Somente assinantes
Director de contas J...n M....li Somente assinantes
Account Manager Je....er A....lo Somente assinantes
Project Manager Br....ey D...e Somente assinantes
Project Manager L...en K...he Somente assinantes
Diretor de Estratégia J...an W..l Somente assinantes
Diretor de Estratégia B...na Th.....rom Somente assinantes
Planning Director E...a G....ck Somente assinantes
Director de media L...en T...es Somente assinantes
Produtora P...Co Somente assinantes
Realizador ..n P..s J...ll Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo M...i C....on Somente assinantes
Chefe de produção M..t S....rs Somente assinantes
Produtor J..i A...s Somente assinantes
Managing Director, Production Z..o J...e Somente assinantes
Production Service Company B..r Somente assinantes
Chefe de produção P...o H....iz Somente assinantes
Service Producer Ve....ica P...�s Somente assinantes
Production Manager M..c .. Ma....ez Somente assinantes
Production Coordinator M...a S..z Somente assinantes
VFX/Post Production Ma.....tic Somente assinantes
Executive Post Producer H..i Da....ge Somente assinantes
Colorist L..e Mo....on Somente assinantes
Color Producer O...ia J...op Somente assinantes
Empresa de produção ..e ..n Ed.....al Somente assinantes
Editor T...as S..m Somente assinantes
Editor A...n To....ns Somente assinantes
Assistant Editor E..n C..p Somente assinantes
Assistant Editor A...n C...ro Somente assinantes
Editorial Company Executive Producer K....ey Ro....om Somente assinantes
Editorial Company Executive Producer D...e H..l Somente assinantes
Sound Engineer D...d P..a Somente assinantes
Sound Engineer Ju....ne G....in Somente assinantes
Chefe de produção ..t Su....an Somente assinantes

About Ogilvy

Since 1948, Ogilvy has existed to build global brands. Our founder culture is represented in every office around the world and we continue to abide by the same fundamental principles that David laid out for us in Ogilvy on Advertising. Our current teams still abide by those values, while recognizing the obvious market dynamic shifts that have occurred. 

Latest News

A Miraculous Story: The Sky Fishers of Yoro, Honduras

For the last 100 years, Yoro, Honduras has witnessed one of the world's most peculiar natural phenomena: the fish rain. This miracle led Ogilvy Honduras to the creation of Heaven Fish; utilizing the fish that fall from the sky to provide the people of Yoro with a new sustainable economic income, benefiting locals by enabling them to generate economic resources for their families through the collection of fish resulting from this phenomenon.

Thanks to the miracle of Heaven Fish, being a sky fisher has become an official job in Yoro, where over 60% of the population participates in some way in this activity. Whether as farmers, collaborators in the distribution center, fish collectors with hammocks, or workers in processing and packaging, all those involved in the production and distribution of derived products are considered sky fishers. And now, thanks to the production of new products, as well as merchandise, the locals will be receiving financial support from 80% of the generated sales.

Being a skyfisher is more than a job, it's a way of life. It has had a positive impact on the economy of Yoro, increasing the economic income of the population and creating new profit opportunities for all families who are now part of this new occupation.

Heaven Fish not only provided us with a product, but now new miraculous stories are collected thanks to our sky fishers. The impact on the community of Yoro was so profound that the work of Sky Fisher was officially recognized in Honduras. Through these sky fishers, we can see the effect of the phenomenon and all that it has created for the population.

Also, Heaven Fish contributes to the environment with the production of its packaging made from banana leaves, thus achieving a positive impact on ecosystem protection. These banana leaves are sourced directly from plantations in Yoro and are used to make cardboard by local artisans, employing women in the area.

The latest line of Heaven Fish products includes four (4) new products:

  • Boneless fillet.
  • 4 new flavors in the original presentation: pepper and chili, olive oil infused with lemon zest, olive oil infused with soy & ginger, and olive oil infused with fried garlic.
  • 2 lines of sardines, including a smoked option, in two flavors: extra virgin olive oil & salt, and tomato sauce & salt.
  • Presentation with 3 fish inside.

Additionally, Heaven Fish will be selling The Book of Yoro, a book made from recycled materials that will describe the entire history of the phenomenon. It will also include an array of typical Honduran recipes with a gourmet touch, created by chefs in collaboration with locals.

Yoro's fame comes from this strange meteorological event that occurs every year (approximately 10 times), turning this miracle into a constant, predictable, and sustainable business in the long term, opening new income opportunities for the locals and offering them a better future one fish at a time.

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