TituloAlways Re
Campanha Always Re
Anunciante White Claw Hard Seltzer
Marca White Claw

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Advertising Agency
Vice President, Global Brand Director, White Claw G...la R..e Somente assinantes
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), White Claw J..n S..a Somente assinantes
Head of Global Brand Communications, White Claw F....an G...ch Somente assinantes
Director of Social Media & PR, White Claw M..a Mc....ld Somente assinantes
Brand Manager, White Claw M...n W...er Somente assinantes
Executive Creative Director, VCCP ..Y ..L S...O Somente assinantes
Creative Director, VCCP A...fo A...la Somente assinantes
Senior Art Director, VCCP BR....NI KE.....ERG Somente assinantes
Senior Copywriter, VCCP S...h S...on Somente assinantes
Retail Design Director, VCCP P..L ..E Somente assinantes
Global Client Lead P...ip H...am Somente assinantes
Group Account Director, VCCP J...an W..d Somente assinantes
Account Director, VCCP N...le Mu.....and Somente assinantes
Account Manager, VCCP E...y I...ro Somente assinantes
Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP J...y S..w Somente assinantes
Strategists, VCCP L..e Ale........rose &...; M...fa L...s Somente assinantes
Head of Production, VCCP M..t N...k Somente assinantes
Creative Producer, VCCP M...y R..s Somente assinantes
Production House B...d ..w S...ol Somente assinantes
Creative Directors/ Director S...t Uy....ma Somente assinantes
Creative Directors/ Director D...el U...e Somente assinantes
Director de arte Se.....an C...en Somente assinantes
Designer J...in H...er Somente assinantes
Designer K...as ..i Somente assinantes
Designer N..l J....on Somente assinantes
Designer Fe....co R...o Somente assinantes
Designer Y..n ..e Somente assinantes
Animators ..I FA....X, C....ES DE.....IS, E..C SC....L, F...X HE......US, J...S V...L, P...R KE....Y, SE.....EN C....N, S...H S..E W....R, S...G Y..P S.., C....ON R...S Somente assinantes
2D Lead G...ld M..k S..o Somente assinantes
2D Lead M..t Y....ns Somente assinantes
Storyboards W..l R...do Somente assinantes
CG/VFX Supervisor B...y M....ey Somente assinantes
CG/VFX Supervisor B...e H...r Somente assinantes
3D Artist N..l J....on Somente assinantes
3D Artist P...r K....ey Somente assinantes
Compositor A...is .o Somente assinantes
Editor A...ew P...ch Somente assinantes
Editor E..c Gr.....rg Somente assinantes
Assistant Editor J...in Ch.....ss Somente assinantes
Assistant Editor L..e B....ey Somente assinantes
Lighters A..y ..m Somente assinantes
Colorist ..a ..x Somente assinantes
Audio Mixer Somente assinantes
CCO Jo....an N...ro Somente assinantes
Managing Partner D...n B...k Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo G....tt B...en Somente assinantes
Chefe de produção T..a ..e Somente assinantes
Produtor C...s T...on Somente assinantes
Produtor K..t ..m Somente assinantes
Produtor T....sa ..e Somente assinantes
Production Coordinator ..m Bro......idt Somente assinantes
Live Action Line Producer R...n S...rs Somente assinantes
Live Action DOP L...a Ni....va Somente assinantes
Live Action - 1st AD N..o Ph.....des Somente assinantes
Live Action - Production Designer C...s B....an Somente assinantes
Live Action - Wardrobe Stylist ..c O..n Somente assinantes
Live Action - HMU Stylist Z...a J..e Somente assinantes

About VCCP New York

VCCP prides itself on creating innovative and exciting advertising that transforms the fortunes of clients.  For example, they helped O2 become market leaders within three years of launching. And once they started working with easyJet, their share price flew up from £4 to £14.  VCCP has a motto: It only works if it all works. This means they can involve themselves in far more than just advertising. With a thorough understanding of each client's business, VCCP can challenge what's around it, and then transform it.  With a desire to challenge the bad habits of the big global agencies, the agency is motivated by the belief that they can create a better type of agency - for the people who work there and the clients they serve.  VCCP is the challenger network for challenger clients.

Latest News

The ‘CrispIN, CrispOUT’ national debate is BACK, but this time it’s political with celebrities on the campaign trail

Today ‘CrispIN, CrispOUT’ is back, this time bigger than ever before as Walkers reignites the debate that divided the nation. Devised by UK agency of record, VCCP London, the playful campaign seeks to re-open the hottest topic on everyone’s lips: whether Walkers crisps are best enjoyed in or out of sandwiches!

In order to settle the crisp controversy once and for all, and building on the success of last year’s campaign, the second chapter of ‘CrispIN, CrispOUT’ enlists the help of Walkers’ celebrity crisp fans including Gordon Ramsay, Gemma Collins, Munya Chawawa, Nigella Lawson, Fred Sirieix and Ed Balls. With no other place than the town ‘Sandwich’ in Kent, England to settle the debate, residents a.k.a the local ‘Sandwiches’ will be able to cast their votes on whether Walkers crisps are best enjoyed in a sandwich, or out at the big event itself on the 19th June. Local ‘Sandwiches’ will also be joined by special appearances from some of the campaign’s biggest stars as they help reveal the winning vote.

Tapping into modern culture, the iconic campaign is catapulted into current times with a 90” hero film that will debut on social. The creative features appearances from celebrities of all corners of culture including viral comedian Munya Chawawa who stars as the news anchor for ‘Walkers News’, and Gordan Ramsay who famously weighed in on the Walkers debate last year. The new creative is brought to life through the platform of a political spoof debate with TV personality Gemma Collins, and TV chef Nigella Lawson firmly in the ‘CrispIN’ camp and broadcaster and former politician Ed Balls and First Dates TV Host Fred Sirieix firmly in the ‘CrispOUT’ camp. The creative heroes the celebrity party leaders as they share their crisp manifestos in the lead up to the big vote, passionately telling the nation why they should back their side of the debate.

With the knowledge that sandwiches are Britain’s number one lunchtime food of choice, the campaign has been inspired by Walkers fans and their habitual behaviours.The original ‘CrispIN, CrispOUT’ campaign which debuted last year became the most hotly contested subject in the country. From morning TV to Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter, Walkers’ fans were adamant on having their say in this culinary conundrum. However, whilst Walkers certainly got the nation talking, it didn’t get the nation agreeing, and as a brand that exists to bring positivity and humour to the nation the ‘CrispIN, CrispOUT’ campaign trail is a true demonstration of Walkers brand purpose, with a special touch of Walkers wit whilst weaving in popular British culture.

Rachael Smith, Senior Marketing Director for Walkers Snacks at PepsiCo, comments: “Reframing the question of ‘whether you eat’ to ‘how you eat’ your Walkers crisps at lunchtime drove huge levels of debate on whether crisps belong in or out of sandwiches in 2021. However, one thing was clear….the nation could not agree! We thought it was time we settled the debate once and for all and turned to the sandwich experts of Britain, the residents of Sandwich town, Kent. The idea sparked in a team creative brainstorm and soon exploded into a political campaign parody with top celebrity talent such as Nigella Lawson & Gordon Ramsay spearheading our CrispIN and CrispOut parties. Our 2022 campaign is all about revelling in the CrispIN, CrispOUT controversy, and in doing so reinforcing mental availability of Walkers at the lunchtime occasion.”

Ross Neil, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP London added: "Are you Crisp In or Crisp Out? The debate that gripped the nation is back for a second helping and although we may not agree on everything, we can all agree on one thing – a sandwich without Walkers crisps is a sandwich not worth eating. Using the format of the news was the perfect way to house the great content we have been able to produce with some very familiar faces. From Gordan Ramsey, to Nigella Lawson, and even the GC herself it’s been so fun working with a host of incredible talent to bring this brilliantly funny film to life. No pressure Sandwich but it better be Crisp In!”

The Walkers ‘CrispIN CrispOUT’ debate campaign is live from today for 3 weeks. The hero creative will run across YouTube, Social and will result with a PR event in Sandwich town. Walkers will run a social media series, created by influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy and featuring Lady Leshurr, Josh Denzel and Scarlett Mofatt. Media has been planned and executed by OMD and Sips+Bites. 

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