TituloMucho por muy poco KFC
Campanha Mucho por muy poco KFC
Anunciante KFC
Marca KFC
PostedNovembro 2020
História KFC seeks out its most dissatisfied customers to give them "a lot for a little".Reviews on digital platforms, especially in the restaurant market, have become a key factor in choosing one restaurant or another. It is estimated that around 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal ones.Because of this, KFC for its snacking campaign, focused on 3 of its most dissatisfied customers in particular those who put only one star in their Google reviews.To be relevant and support the launch of the new snacking platform we used the name of the platform as an insight. As KFC had a wide range of products for a very low price, we decided to use the same premise and looked for 3 consumers who had given "very little" to KFC to give them a lot in return.
So we looked for 3 dissatisfied consumers, who had left negative comments and a single star in Google reviews to reward them, inviting them to try our wide range of products.With this, we aimed to restore their confidence in the brand and use the opportunity to communicate KFC's new snacking platform.
To achieve all this, we activated a digital strategy in our social networks. Through the hashtag #MuchoPorMuyPoco we launched a contest with which we encouraged our community to respond to comments with low scores and negative opinions.
In addition, we contemplated offline media by putting up posters in the streets of Madrid asking for the collaboration of citizens in locating these three dissatisfied clients.
We achieved almost 14 million impressions, 1 million interactions and a positive sentiment of 93%. Most importantly, we were able to find one of these dissatisfied consumers, who contacted us, enjoyed all of our snacking products and even published a new review, improving his score.In this way, we demonstrated that the consumer is the centre of our communication strategy and that knowing how to communicate with them is key to improving engagement and connecting with our audience.
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