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PostedNovembro 2020
História KFC creates a Twitter notification to remind people of the importance of hand washing.
In a few tumultuous months when the Spanish were trying to enjoy their holidays with the pandemic of the Covid-19 of framework and the threat of outbreaks throughout the Spanish geography was recurrent in the news of all media highlight the commitment to hygiene and awareness to achieve a successful de-escalation.
In this context we launched an initiative with KFC that focused on the importance of maintaining a constant hand washing.To be relevant and position ourselves as a committed and empowering brand, we highlighted that to make the best chicken, you had to wash your hands even better first.We made our protocol for disinfecting and cleaning hands and utensils available to the entire population. It's the same protocol that has been used in all KFC restaurants for years, which is a sign that rings every 30 minutes in KFC kitchens.We replicated this ad on Twitter, with notifications every 30 minutes reminding all users to wash their hands and activate them.
Besides leaving all our communication in our networks for this activity under thehashtag #Hands and Tweezers, all our contents reminded our followers of the importance of correctly complying with all the hygiene guidelines against the Covid-19.To conclude this awareness raising work we launched a formal petition to the Madrid underground, with a campaign in which we had the Chusa (official voice of the underground) in which we asked for the temporary change of name of the foot wash station to hand wash.
We achieved more than one million impressions, +130% of interactions in RRSS and a very high retention of users subscribed to our notifications during the campaign period.We managed to collaborate with a committed message when there was the greatest need for it and, together with the previous campaigns of "masks" and "solidarity bucket", we are continuing to work on this new social vertical within our communication in 2020. 
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