TituloSearching for Seville´s special color
BriefTanqueray wanted to launch "Flor de Sevilla", a gin with a hint of oranges as a tribute to the city of Seville. But how could a British brand become more relevant to a Spanish city? By creating a bottle-shaped homage to the city itself. An algorithm blended thousands of buildings, monuments and tones to find the unique colour of Seville. As well as launching the iconic bottle, the agency got Pantone to certify the colour, making Seville the world's first city with its own Pantone.
Campanha Searching for Seville´s special color
Anunciante Diageo
Marca Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla
PostedNovembro 2018
Sector Empresarial Bebidas alcoólicas
História Tanqueray wanted to launch "Flor de Sevilla", a new gin in tribute to the city of Seville. But how could such a British brand be relevant to the culture of an Spanish city? Creating an icon that would become a cultural legacy for the city. Through a Big Data study we found the special color of Seville. Something unique shared by Seville and the new Tanqueray, the first gin with the color of a city. In addition, we got Pantone to certify it, making Seville the first city in the world with its own Pantone.
Tipo de Mídia Case Study
Agency (& City) PS21 (Madrid)
Head of Strategy Agustín Vivancos
Head of Growth Beatriz Arce
Creative Director(s) Víctor Blanco & Daya Muñoz
Copywriter(s) Roberto González & Irene Fernández
Art Director(s) Daniel Aguado & Noelia Moreno
Project Manager Lara Martínez
Brand Producers / Makers Laura Igualada & Arael Arias
Production Company (& City) Randm (Madrid)
Production Company Producer(s) Azahara Ramos & Michel de Larroque
Post-production Team Pilar Guerrero & Daniel Rivera & Javier Cirujeda & Pablo Córdoba
PR Company (& City) La Más Chula (Madrid)
PR Team Daniel Ramos & María Moreta & Paloma Fernández
Strategy Planner Sergio García & Natalia Guerrero

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