Press Releases - Voskhod - Voskhod Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2020 Creative Rebellion Craving for changes is in the air in Russia. Entrepreneurs have always been the game-changers and creators. With its new ad campaign, Tochka Bank supports & inspires them to go on with their fight against all odds to make the world around them a better place.
Equal wages, fair prices, healthy competition are the values worth fighting for. Everyday entrepreneurs choose to fight with their businesses. Creative rebellion — their everyday routine — is the core idea of Tochka’s advertising communication. The Bank encourages to be brave, fight, improve and develop. Say it with your business.


2020-03-19 00:00:00
OSOM transformations igital service OSOM finance offers a revolutionary approach to finance management. It’s the world’s first application for private users that allows managing traditional and digital assets through one account.

The app currently allows converting euros to crypto currency, managing bitcoin and ethereum wallets. All operations are legal, swift and economically effective. The app is being developed to offer new functions and investment tools.

Voskhod has created the dynamic identity and mobile app design for OSOM finance. The idea of constant ongoing transformation lies at the core of the brand style, symbolizing ease of finance management and currency transformation.

There are no common colors, fonts or sizes in the corporate identity. There is an infinite number of varied solutions that fit into a single graphic identity system. It became possible thanks to implementation in typography the technique of morphing which is common for computer animation. This technique allows to smoothly transform font variations and its color pallet as well. 

2020-02-05 00:00:00
A new website targeted at European clients We’ve launched a website targeted at our European clients, and the format is absolutely unique for the advertising B2B market.

The boutique selling ad services lives according to the rules of an online-shop. You will find no success stories or manifestos or happy faces of employees – nothing you would usually expect from a website of an ad agency. What we have here is a clear list of services, a comprehensive product description, transparent prices and an online cart.

The design is as simple and clean as it could be, as the main function of the website is clarity. All art & technology solutions serve to one purpose only – to highlight the idea that design, creative and advertising have no boundaries and are accessible to clients all over the world.

It wouldn’t be a website by a famous creative agency if it had no surprises. Surfing through the website, a visitor can choose the shop’s colour scheme on the main page thus colouring the online environment, and the ordering process is accompanied by friendly visual encouragement.

Dmitry Maslakov, Voskhod’s digital director:
— We work with European start-ups and see that sometimes they have to go through a long negotiating process to find the perfect time/price/quality balance. But every single day makes a difference for them. They have no time to meet and talk – sometimes they have to create design for an app and develop its promotion strategy at the same time. We hope they’ll find this format of work convenient.


2019-12-17 00:00:00
Our music video about hardships of entrepreneurs has entered the Top-3 of the Russian Youtube overnight Monopolists against private entrepreneurs is the eternal confrontation of business in any country. However, Russia has its own flavor. The emotions are brighter here and the colors are stronger – as in gypsy families, which we often see in films about Russia.

And so it really is. It is through such close and understandable images that the Russian Tochka Bank, which supports small entrepreneurs, has shown its willingness to support its customers. It turned out to be a real epic film that just in a few days broke into the top of Russian YouTube. Check the video our and see if relates to you and your problems too?

The film was directed by Emir Kusturica for a song by a popular Russian music band and it has entered the Top-3 of the Russian Youtube overnight. 

2019-11-20 00:00:00
Voskhod won SILVER at Shot Awards-2019 festival in London! The jury selects winners out of the world's most innovative and inspiring campaings during the year.

AI Versus - our collaboration with ISD group - has been aknowledged at Best Use of Emerging Tech category. 

2019-11-16 00:00:00
We won 7 awards at ADCE festival! Two of our projects won silver awards – Forte Femme in INTEGRATION & INNOVATION (Social Responsibility Campaigns) and AI VERSUS in PROMOTIONS & NEW MEDIA.

In addition, our case with AIs got two shortlists in other categories, and so did Putin Turns on the Rain project. Our posters for the Ural Music Night (project “Layered”) got shortlisted at PRINT & OUTDOOR category. 

2019-11-15 00:00:00
AI Versus continues conquering the advertising scene AI Versus continues conquering the advertising scene, and this time we got awarded at CICLOPE Festival’2019 that took place in Berlin.

The conference is an international platform for directors, creatives, artists, producers and entertainment professionals to inspire and get inspired.
Our project won Gold in USE OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGY category. Thanks TV RAIN and ISD Group, together we created something truly groundbreaking. 

2019-11-14 00:00:00
FORTE FEMME project has won a Red Dot Award in Brands & Communication Design’2019! Forte Femme perfume was designed to prominent female business in Kazakhstan.We turned the national currency symbol (Tenge ₸) into the perfume logo, thus transforming it to the symbol of female entrepreneurship in the country.

ForteFemme perfume bottle tells more than just about the chemical composition of it: we learn that 52% of all sole proprietors of the country are women, 43% of all small and medium-sized businesses are operated by women, and women contribute to 39.5% of the country’s GDP.
With Forte Femme, all Kazakhstan has literally started to feel women’s contribution to the country’s economy. 

2019-11-04 00:00:00
Forte Femme + The Gerety Awards shortlist In Kazakhstan, it is not acceptable to invite a woman to a business meeting or shake her hand. A girl’s desire to make a career or become an entrepreneur is extremely disapproved of. Yet, women operate about 50% of the country’s individual businesses and they largely contribute to the country’s GDP. Huge and horrifying paradox, isn’t it?
Perfume Forte Femme, created by Voskhod and Forte Bank, makes the women’s role visible. With the help of thousands female entrepreneurs we daubed all money circulating in their businesses. Journalists, bloggers and ordinary people noticed the exquisite smell, and later on TV spot, OOH and via the Internet, we unveiled that the scent stands for women and their all-winning power. All country started to literally feel women’s contribution.
Now we are proud to announce that Forte Femme project has been shortlisted by The Gerety Awards – a global festival of creativity that spotlights talent and supports diversity, promoting and praising it in the industry. This year’s first all-female power jury was given a task to award according to the best work they had seen in general, rather than just best work in the competition, so it is so much more tremendously exciting for us to be recognized.
All in all, there are only two shortlisted works from Russia. Other ad agencies included in the list are such colossi of the ad world as branches of McCann, Leo Burnett, BBDO, DDB, Wieden+Kennedy. We wish everybody the best of luck in the next round. Right now, we are keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the results of the Gerety Awards, which will become public at the end of July. 

2019-06-26 00:00:00
BRONZE Cannes Lion 2019 Hurray! We won a Cannes Lion – the 10th in our agency’s merry zoo! And we've already prepared a place for it. 
The bronze award has been given to “AI VERSUS” project for the Russian independent TV-channel TV Rain in Creative Data category.
You can watch the winner case here
The aim of the project was to reveal the difference between propaganda and objective news with the help of artificial intelligence. For 6 months, two “newborn” intellects were “watching” TV Rain and “Russia-1” – the country’s state channel – thus learning about Russia’s economic, political and cultural life. We invited people to ask the intellects questions about Russia, and they could then vote for the AI they were on the same page with.
Voskhod’s creative director Andrey Gubaydullin says: “Getting into Cannes Lions shortlist is a huge win itself. The next step is just lottery. All shortlisted works deserve to win, but ours got luckier. The statistics shows that only 3% of all works get recognized and shortlisted”.
Among other Russian agencies, shortlisted or awarded at Cannes Lions festival, are huge Leo Burnett and BBDO that are network agencies, so it is more prestigious for us – a comparatively small and independent agency – to be recognized at the world’s most significant advertising festival. Voskhod has won 5 Golden, 1 Silver and (already) 4 Bronze Lions, and about 30 shortlists. Since 2012, Voskhod has been on top of ACAR (Association of Communication Agencies of Russia) Rating and named Russia’s No 1 agency. 

2019-06-25 00:00:00
Golden Drum Golden Drum Festival has included our chief creative director Andrey Gubaydullin into its Hall of Fame – the list of the industry’s most influential people in the sphere of advertising. Andrey is the second Russian in the list, before him our country was represented only by Ivan Tchimburov.
Andrey Gubaydullin, Voskhod’s founder and chief creative director: “I’ve visited Golden Drum many times, looked at the Hall of fame and read the names of people who have done a lot for the festival and advertising industry in Europe. Would I imagine that one day my name would be there too? I guess it always seemed to be beyond my wildest dreams.
Don’t ask me how I felt the moment I knew my name was going to be at the Hall of Fame. Instead, why don’t you try to bungee jump at least at 200 meters – then you’d know how I felt.”
Under Andrey’s creative direction, Voskhod has grown from a small local company to a leading agency in the Russian advertising industry. Voskhod has won 36 Golden Drum awards, including Golden Watch Award, three Tartini Awards and Golden Rose. 

2019-06-25 00:00:00
BEST OF SHOW + GOLD European Design The news may be not so fresh, but we are as happy as if it happened just yesterday.
On June 8, we won our first EUROPEAN DESIGN awards, and the debut was extraordinary!
Two projects were acknowledged by the jury:
Ural Music Night project won GOLD in Branding and BEST OF SHOW special prize (equals to Grand Prix).
Corpus IT school won a SILVER award.
European Design Awards is considered a top designing festival that annually presents brilliant works selected by a professional jury. 

2019-06-25 00:00:00
The Wrong Bank Banks are all about money. Banking service is all about huge amount of papers and time. Every banking problem can be solved according to an established pattern. This system has been working for ages and, as it is hard to change, is considered right.

From that point of view, Tochka Bank is the wrong bank.

Everything Tochka does wrong is governed by one essential principle – love towards its clients. Understanding of the entrepreneur’s needs and the courage to break the mold has alwaysmade Tochka the outsider and the example for other banks at the same time.

New Tochka Bank’s advertising campaign is about those who choose love over everything else. It is love towards your business and entrepreneurs, towards anything around you. Love is the driving force that helps change the world to the better. 

2019-04-02 00:00:00
"Putin turns on the Rain" Independent TV-channel Dozhd (rus Rain) broadcasts unbiased news, demonstrating the real state of affairs in Russia and releases incriminating coverage about corruption. In 2014 the channel was taken off the air by satellite and cable providers because of its attempt to investigate a disputable history-related issue. Dozhd had to switch to the commercial platform. Now, the only financial resource is online subscriptions of those who want to know the truth.

In 2015 Vladimir Putin announced that he would try to calm down the pressure from the supervision authorities and make the channel free again.

Since then, the promise to improve the situation with the Rain Channel was given twice. However, the miracle did not happen.

Therefore, Dozhd decided to take the wheel and keep Putin’s promise; Channel's team launched the PR action called “Putin turns on the Rain”.

The Idea was to give to politiciens the free access to the Rain Channel. They could access to the free Rain's translations by puting the Vladimir Putin's picture in front of the web camera. Why? Because everyone in Duma has Putin's picture in their offices.

Putin’s picture opens free access to Dozhd’s content for 24 hours. You can try it here : 

Natalya Sindeeva, Dozhd’s CEO, says: “The PR initiative has attracted a great amount of attention from the gouvernemental side. That’s why we decided to give the same access to everyone”.

Yesterday during the press conference, one of the journalists was the first one to officially “turn on” the Rain Channel by showing Putin’s face into the web camera of his smartphone.

2018-12-21 00:00:00