Press Releases - McCann Prague - McCann Prague Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2020 Vodafone CZ showcased the power of human networking in their new TV campaign from McCann Prague. Because miracles can happen, especially at Christmas. Advent has begun, and the magic of Christmas is everywhere. So naturally, there was  no better timing for our brand new Vodafone CZ campaign, built on the communication platform introduced this summer. It shows the power of the human network, and how now, more than ever, we should all stick together.


The story of our little boy highlights the power people have when they  unite for a good cause, and how modern technologies can help them achieve this. For a long time, Vodafone’s communication has been based on influencing society in a positive way and connecting people. The strongest network is the one we – the people – create, and technology serves us as a tool. Vodafone believes in the power of technology which must be used in the right way and for a good cause.


This is also the underpinning idea for the current Christmas campaign starring the famous Czech actor Ondřej Vetchý. Ondřej Vetchý appears as himself. An activist, motivator, and as he puts it, a decent man wishing to inspire people to be closer to each other. The campaign helps to show that “being closer to each other” is not just an empty statement and that amazing things can happen when we come together - regardless of whether it’s Christmas or not. The main character in the TV spot – the little magician - faces obstacles along his way, but thanks to the people who help him, a small miracle happens and everything works out perfectly.

The team who created the campaign made sure that it was genuinely relatable to people and could help inspire real dreams to come true. The protagonist, our magician, is the nephew of the director and actor Vojta Kotek. He had no prior acting experience and with a convincing performance, he left no doubt that he may well follow in his uncle’s footsteps. Incidentally, a positive connection was also formed between the young actors, who became good friends during the shooting.

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How to Deal with Bullying, by the Sprite School of Mental Martial Arts Sprite believes in refreshing positivity. So much so that their current campaign, called #iloveyouhater, pleads for positivity even against all odds, in the face of prejudice and adversity. For example, bullying—an unfortunately omnipresent phenomenon that youngsters still have to face on a daily basis. So, to ‘combat’ bullying, McCann Prague consulted several anti-bullying charities for guidance and found that certain mental techniques do exist that lessen the impact of bullying. The result? The Sprite School of Mental Martial Arts—a series of fun, yet educational, radio spots that hope to inspire youngsters to better cope with bullying.

Youngsters are bullied at schools and online, around the world, all the time. This results in them being excluded from social situations and leaving them feeling rejected, which damages their self-esteem and hampers their future development. And, Sprite, which stands fun, friendship and togetherness, felt it had all the ingredients to lead the way in the ‘fight’ against bullying.

The goal of every bully is to humiliate other schoolmates using violence or harsh words. For victims, fighting back is not the answer; it only worsens their situation. That’s why Sprite and McCann Prague believe that new smarter defensive mental techniques are better suited to stop bullying.

The School of Mental Martial Art by Sprite

We introduced the new school of self-defense: the School of Mental Martial Art. It is not about being aggressive or using filthy language. In fact, it disapproves and nullifies such behaviour. The secret of our mental defensive system against rudeness and violence is not giving bullies what they want—fearful and submissive reactions.

McCann Prague, in cooperation with McCann Birmingham, produced radio spots in which a Mental Martial Arts master—an old, eccentric and slightly strange Japanese man—provides kids with verbal self-defense techniques. He comes across as kind and caring, but also quirky and sometimes unpredictable, making the ads humorous, memorable and very engaging. The spots were broadcast on the most famous urban Czech radio station, Radio Spin, and the topic has been raised on social media, so there is potential to make the School of Mental Martial Arts platform even bigger, and spread it to other channels.

McCann celebrate a large success on an international stage. It has won first prize at the Golden Drum awards in Audio category with the campaign. 

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