TituloPlastic woman
Campanha The Truth is Hard to digest
Anunciante Foodgroot
Marca Foodgroot
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Questões ambientais e animais
Legenda The truth is hard to digest
História We all have seen the birds and the whales with their stomach filled with plastic and rubbish. We happen to believe that humans are the next species that’ll be affected by the omnipresent plastic and surrogates.
Researching the food industry we’ve discovered some staggering facts – like the average person ingests 70000 microplastics each year or that 7 out of 10 persons dies of a “non-communicable disease”. And that’s on top of the tones of ultra-processed food that the majority of us are eating it, unaware of how little it has to do anymore with anything remotely natural.

Foodgroot was born out of this believe, that maybe we can save ourselves by being better informed and choosing healthy, wholesome food instead of surrogates.
Foodgroot is an app (as the fast and easy-to-use interface) and more than that, and it has a huge data base updated constantly with every food product that’s put out there to be sold. Its aggregator combines besides all the stocks of food available in every market with information about each ingredient, about the terroir or the farm that supplied that food and on top, with information about what will be good for you as an individual (from blood type matches to other info about your metabolism and what’ll serve you better).

Therefore, thanks to its complex algorithm and huge data base, but also to its super user friendly and quick response, anyone can transform its groceries shopping into a smart and health choice, that’ll provide the wellbeing for individuals or family alike.
The campaign surprises with powerful executions of the consequence of not making such healthy, well informed choices when it comes to food and nutrition.
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