TituloPrecious Stones
Campanha Precious Stones
Anunciante Editora Todas as Culturas
Marca TOP Destinos
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Legenda Magazine, Tourism, Luxury Tourism, Brazil
TOP Destinos Shows the True Precious Stones That We Carry with Us
Luxury Tourism Magazine Emphasizes the Unique Value of Lived Experience
Only that which we live truly belongs to us. With that in mind, go traveling and collect special moments. With this message, TOP Destinos Magazine put out their “Precious Stones” campaign in August, created by AlmapBBDO, in which it presents the trajectory of the famous blue Wittelsbach Diamond and the iconic La Peregrina pearl.
In the campaign’s two print ads, we see that the rare 17th-century diamond had many owners, including Spanish, Austrian, and German monarchs. The pearl, meanwhile, best known for having been given as a present to Elizabeth Taylor by her movie-star husband Richard Burton, passed through the hands of prominent figures in Spain, Austria, England, and France over the centuries, including Napoleon III. Both were eventually purchased by anonymous buyers.
In the end, we see, even the most valuable objects pass on – but the memories of a trip stay with us forever. And TOP Destinos is the publication that will help readers embark on the most incredible trip of their lives, an experience wholly their own, which will never be forgotten. 
About TOP Destinos
TOP Destinos is a magazine specializing in luxury tourism. Every featured destination, hotel, or itinerary is drawn from the newest and most exclusive offerings on the market. Alongside  TOP Magazine and TOP Carros, TOP Destinos comprises a trio of magazines published by Editora Todas as Culturas, which has piqued the attention of the select audience in the AA class.
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Advertiser: Editora Todas as CulturasTitle: Precious StonesProduct: TOP DestinosGeneral Creative Director: Luiz SanchesExecutive Creative Director: Bruno ProsperiCreative Director: André Gola, Benjamin Yung Jr., Marcelo Nogueira, PernilArt Director: Andre Sallowicz, Bruno ProsperiCopywriter: Daniel Oksenberg, Dudu BarcelosIllustrator: Notan Arte DigitalClient Services: Filipe Bartholomeu, Fernanda Portugal, Leandro MoreiraApproval: Claudio Melo, Gretha Nicolau, Flavia Luque, Carolina Alves 
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