PostedMai 2016
História Campaign name: Blackout DayCampaign background:Blackout Day: Free the Ads, save the content creatorsAdblock is the most popular extension for Chrome and Safari (actually, also for Opera and Mobile) andit blocks most ads over the web. Nowadays, the problem is that slowly but painfully people are killingonline advertising without conscious of it’s effects. People are neglecting what it fuels the direct supportto create quality content and information they want to have access for free. What happens now is thatevery day, every hour, every minute an ad is killed by someone that could support is favourite singer orwriter by simply installing a blocking software.
That is what our campaign is focused on, passing this message to web consumers and hopefullychanging their perception of what adblock does. Today the Blackout Day is born, the day the webbecomes censored for a day and hopefully users stop using adblock.