Can Creatives Save the World? We Think So.

Tina Yip
Founder strtgst

Have you been wondering how tf we get people to stay inside? Well, at strtgst, we’re asking creatives all over the globe to come to the rescue.


Last week our team got on a virtual call to workshop ways to get people to stay inside and take social distancing seriously. Three days later, we had this deck and sent a group brief to our underground community of over 1k. We know that we’re up against a lot, but with all the creative minds working on this (from home and in their pajamas), we thought anything would be possible. 


The open brief is open to anyone from content designers to art directors and TikTok mavens to strategists—and anyone interested in giving their two cents. It was even translated into Spanish by a fellow community member! For anyone who ever doubted that advertising could save the world, this is our chance to prove them wrong (and, more importantly, save lives).                       


And who are we? strtgst is where thinkers thrive. We are a community of creatives and strategists that come together IRL to share diverse, fresh perspectives about culture, people, and our strategic craft. But with IRL events not being possible right now, we decided to ask our community to help us be a part of the solution—digitally