Bedtime Stories with Havas & Friends: Stay Amazing with NewYork-Presbyterian

Second episode features Devika Mathrani, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

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Introducing the second episode of Havas’ new YouTube series, ‘Bedtime Stories with Havas & Friends: Stay Amazing with NewYork-Presbyterian,’ featuring Devika Mathrani, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian.

The new YouTube series highlights key client relationships within the Havas network. It is a curation of intimate, entertaining discussions between Havas teams and their clients - dissecting the word Creativity, and unpacking the secrets to a successful, harmonious and ultimately fun client/agency relationship, even (or perhaps especially) when times get tough.

In the second episode of the series, Tim Maleeny, President of Havas New York and Chief Strategy Officer of Havas North America and the team, delve into the intricacies of their partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian that started in 2021, and eventually led to the launch of an entirely new brand platform and campaign, "Stay Amazing."

Stay Amazing’ highlights NewYork-Presbyterian's commitment to keeping people healthy through convenient, accessible, and equitable patient care, from the everyday to the extraordinary; inspiring New Yorkers to be proactive about their health and healthcare.

Devika and Tim, along with colleagues Daniel Mize, Managing Director, and Bharat Kumar, Executive Creative Director of Havas New York, discuss the powerful creative work they delivered in a complex category, the challenges they overcame, and how they achieved an Emmy win within a year. 

Check out the second episode here!