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Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 17 August 2017
An exhibition in Paris devoted to the legendary fashion designer touches on his marketing genius. We look at the elements that built his brand. ler mais

on 27 July 2017
How adding real-time feedback to annual agency evaluations reduces undesirable surprises and boosts long-term client/agency performance  ler mais

on 26 July 2017
London's Unbound festival offered a glimpse of new startups, from sensory pods to subscription jewelry. ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 20 July 2017
A director can make all the difference to your film – so how do you find the right one? As a source of ad talent, Adforum asked three agency production experts to take us through the process.  ler mais

Mark Tungate
por Mark Tungate on 11 July 2017
Defining the ingredients that go into French advertising. ler mais

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