Angharad Thomas
Estrategista at WCRS
London, Reino Unido
TituloSky Fibre
Campanha Sky Fibre
Anunciante Sky UK Limited
Marca Sky Fibre
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Fornecedores de serviços de internet (ISPs)
Filosofia The TV ad is set in the library at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers, where we see
Quicksilver trying to impress a girl who is streaming a movie on her laptop, but is having
trouble doing so because her broadband is buffering. Quicksilver looks around the room and
realises the other mutants in the room are all online on various devices. He uses his mutant
ability to zip around the room at great speed, turning off the other mutants’ devices while
they are frozen in time, all in an effort to save the girl from the poor performing broadband.
Unfortunately this doesn’t help and the girl tells him that superfast Sky Fibre is the solution
they need. He races off again and installs Sky Fibre in no time at all. 
Tipo de Mídia Televisão
Director criativo
Client Team
Client Team
Client Team
Client Team
Director executivo criativo
Director criativo
Equipa criativa
Equipa criativa
Account Manager
Account Manager
Account Manager


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