Shane Reed
Colorist at Bob Industries
Venice, Estados Unidos
TituloEat the Ice Cream
BriefAn elderly woman wakes in a clinical space where her only companion is a robot. "Eat the ice cream," it tells her. She tastes some and admits that it's pretty good. But when she asks the whereabouts of her husband, it replies: "Everyone you love is gone. There is only ice cream. Eat the ice the ice cream..." The woman screams. Halo Top Ice Cream's commercial is as dark as an episode of Black Mirror.
Campanha Eat the Ice Cream - Halo Top
Anunciante Halo Top Creamery
Marca Halo Top
Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação
Sector Empresarial Gelados
História In a dystopian robot controlled future, an elderly woman awakes to find that there is only ice cream. EAT THE ICE CREAM. EAT THE ICE CREAM. EAT THE ICE CREAM. EAT THE ICE CREAM. EAT THE ICE CREAM. EAT THE ICE CREAM
Tipo de Mídia Viral
Produtora Lord Danger
Sound Designer
Music Producer
VFX Producer
Designer de produção
Produtor executivo
Director de fotografia

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