Robert Etoll

Robert Etoll

Música at R/GA
New York, Estados Unidos


Film and television composer, record producer, songwriter ­ you name it, Robert Etoll does it and does it well. His dynamic musical talents can be heard on projects as diverse as recordings by Reba McEntire and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as well as work for film directors Steven Spielberg and Garry Marshall. Robert composed and performed the successful feature films The Danger Zone and Vampire at Midnight, and has scored a number of TV shows. In short, his work has pervaded television, radio, cinema and the record charts for years.

Born in upstate New York, Robert began formally studying guitar at age 7. Realizing his passion for music, he started taking piano lessons in high school and continued his higher education at Boston¹s esteemed Berklee College of Music, where Etoll majored in composition and performance. After playing in various bands since age 12, Robert formed a 10-piece horn band called Back Bay Brew that was based in Boston and successfully toured the East Coast.

This led to Robert's move to the West Coast to pursue his desire to compose music for film and television. A slight detour in his first few months in Los Angeles occurred after the world-famous jazz/rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon asked Etoll to be his guitarist on his European tours. During one of the tours, at a festival stop in Oslo, Norway, Robert got a chance to jam with guitar legend Jeff Beck, one of his childhood heroes. Obviously, a "highlight of my career," says Etoll.

Moving from performing to producing and writing songs was an easy transition. Robert quickly locked in a deal with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, where he secured a number of covers domestically and internationally for many artists, including Reba McEntire, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Harumi Tsuyuzaki, Brigitte Nielsen and Nikka Costa.

From the songwriting world to composing music for film and television, his true passion, Etoll has established himself as the "go-to guy" in the realm of full-length feature films, documentaries, cartoon animation, television theme songs, and has become one of the top calls in the industry to "special compose" music for theatrical trailers. His production company, Robert Etoll Productions, has also spun off a music licensing company called Q-FACTORY ( ) that specializes in unique music and sound design for the trailer industry with CD titles such as TRAILER RISES, PERCUSSIVE ELEMENTS, HITS-SWISHES-STINGERS-AMBIANCE-DRONES-ATMOSPHERES Volumes 1-4 and TRAILER INTROS to name a few.

Robert has also composed the original music for Cessna Aircraft's ( ) promotional product videos and trade shows since 1995. Additionally, Robert has instructed aspiring composers in the Extension program at the University of California at Los Angeles, teaching Music Composition for Film and Television.

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