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New York, Estados Unidos

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• A new Hybrid Post facility provides a balanced offering of sound and picture editing services. Services are either provided directly by Buttons New York or by giving filmmakers access to rental facilities where they can do sound and/or editing work on their own. Midtown is an ideal location which is within walking distance to majority of post facilities of content industries (film and TV) and advertising agencies in the area.

• The facility enables Buttons New York to service both large and small customers and offer competitive rates to all customer segments. The facility can rent out any number of rooms in any configuration and software depending on the client’s budget and other requirements. The facility has  acoustic rooms (used for sound editing, sound mixing color grading, picture editing, privacy), and non- acoustic rooms (used as production and director offices and sound and picture editing). All rooms are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. 

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