Casual Films

London, Reino Unido

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93 Shepperton Road
London N1 3DF
Reino Unido
Telefone: (+44) 020 3411 8040

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Casual Films

93 Shepperton Road
London N1 3DF
Reino Unido
Telefone: (+44) 020 3411 8040

Adam Ruddick

Head of Production

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About Casual Films

Casual Films is a new kind of production company
– one built for flexibility and creativity.

We’re a team of expert filmmakers based in London and New York. We’ve made over 4,000 films and animations in the past 7 years.

We work internationally with over 500 big brands and digital agencies. We can help bring your content plans to life and tell stories that move, inspire, and entertain your audience.

We’ve won over 50 industry awards for the quality and impact of our films. Whether it’s corporate, consumer, employer or CSR communications, we’ve got this. 


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