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Fundada em: 1997

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Fundada em: 1997

Empregados: 250

Prêmios: 42

Trabalho Criativo: 127

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ul. Racławicka 99A
Warsaw Masovian 02-634
Telefone: (+48) 22 844 64 74

Saatchi & Saatchi/Interactive Solutions, Platige Image, and Dobro for the Alivia Foundation

A new campaign, aimed at generating support for the Alivia Foundation, an

organization helping young people suffering from cancer, was developed and

launched by Saatchi&Saatchi/Interactive Solutions, Platige Image, Dobro, Juice, and

Big Picture.

A fully integrated campaign for the Alivia Foundation has been deployed and will run in

TVC, cinemas, YT, printed press, radio, OOH, social media, and numerous other unusual

touch points. The main element of the campaign is a 60-second-long spot espousing video

game trailer aesthetics. Over its course, the audience observes a clash between a well-

armed, valiant woman with a colossal beast−a metaphor for cancer. When the ammo runs

out, as it is wont to do in video games, external support and resources−additional

funds−arrive on the battlefield, allowing the woman to continue the fight.

The Saatchi & Saatchi / Interactive Solutions creative team headed by Marta Frączek and

Aleksandra Zalewska argues that "Alivia is unique in that it never depicts patients with

cancer as victims. This campaign is supposed to convince the viewers that the unfair fight

between the disease and the patients can be won by the latter, provided they are well

furnished with ammunition−that is money for cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and innovative

therapies." The two went on to add that "We wanted to portray the struggle in the most

metaphorical way possible, that's why the environment in which the battle takes place so

strongly resembles the interior of the human body, with cancer an unwelcome blight upon

the land, and the fight against it an individual battle for each and every patient."

"Paying homage to the incredible strength and determination of people struggling with

cancer every single day of their lives was absolutely paramount to us. The spot is a modern

version of 'G.I. Jane' with a sci-fi streak, locking the heroine in a relentless clash with her

enemy. Instead of painting the protagonist as a victim, I wanted her to be a woman made of

steel, with entirely superhuman reserves of strength. She and the people struggling against

cancer share a common denominator: their determination, perseverance, readiness to fight

and snatch victory from the mouth of defeat. And particularly the latter requires significant

funds as money is what buys you ammunition in this fight," reveals Karol Kołodziński, a

director working exclusively with Platige Image.

The strategic and creative concepts for the campaign were developed by

Saatchi&Saatchi/Interactive Solutions. The film was produced by Dobro, a creative

production studio and subsidiary of Platige Image, and postproduction was handled by

Platige Image. Karol Kołodziński served as director and Juice, a member of the Platige

Image capital group, was responsible for sound design. PR strategy and operations were

drawn up and implemented by Big Picture.


Director: Karol Kołodziński

DOP: Łukasz Żal

Actress: Anna Górska

Client: Alivia - Oncology Foundation for Young People

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production House: DOBRO

Executive Producer: Piotr Sikora

Producer: Mateusz Kirstein, Karina Lempkowska

Postproduction: Platige Image

Lead CG: Mateusz Tokarz

Postproducer: Karolina Mann, Justyna Supernak

Sound FX: Juice