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16 West Central Street
London WC1A 1JJ
Reino Unido
Telefone: (+44) 207 395 4155

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Prêmios: 359

Academy Films

16 West Central Street
London WC1A 1JJ
Reino Unido
Telefone: (+44) 207 395 4155
Sadie Ward

Sadie Ward

Directors Rep

George Floyd Floyd

Telefone: (+44) 207 395 4155

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About Academy Films

Academy Films is a multi-award winning production company.;Launched over 25 years ago by Lizie Gower, Academy has a proud tradition of nurturing young talent, and lists a highly creative roster of 20 directors (Jonathan Glazer, Walter Stern, Seb Edwards, Martin De Thurah, Si & Ad and Frederic Planchon to name a few).;Producing shoots of all sizes all over the world, Academy has a reputation for high-end production values and beautifully crafted visual story telling.;A+ is Academy's music video and content division which was launched in 2011.


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Filosofia e Vantagens Competitivas

1. We’re not greedy. Consultations are always free. So if you’re an agency producer, creative, musician, artist or D.O.P, pick up the phone or pop round for a cup of tea.

2. ‘Online’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘cheaper than TV,’ but it does mean that we have a little more wiggle room, can think differently about where your money goes, and come up with unexpected solutions.

3. Alas, no sushi-fests at the post-house on a £5K music video. That Satsuma bill could pay for our entire sound session.

4. We’re a bit allergic to the word ‘viral.’ There’s really no rhyme nor reason why some films take off and others don’t. But keep it weird, wonderful, varied, and just a little bonkers… and you never know.

5. If you can point a camera at it and put it on the internet, it’s content. 

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