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305/10 Soi Sukhothai Sukhothai Road Dusit
Bangkok 10300
Telefone: (+66) (0) 2243 6543-6

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Fundada em: 1992

Prêmios: 63

Trabalho Criativo: 25

Matching Studio

305/10 Soi Sukhothai Sukhothai Road Dusit
Bangkok 10300
Telefone: (+66) (0) 2243 6543-6

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About Matching Studio

In 1992,"Tee" (Producer) and "Dom" (DOP), had the same idea of forming a production team that was capable of producing high quality commercial films. And so Matching Studio was founded, and not for business purposes either, but for the sake of films.

Over the past 5-6 years, Thailand's commercials have undergone a complete change in trend. This came about when Matching Studio decided to act upon an idea by employing a group of award winning,
creative directors as commercial film directors. What transpired was a far greater understanding of commercials and marketing briefs. We do work with advertising agencies in a warm and friendly fashion. A working relationship which is fused together by mutual understanding, where both sides consult with each other to develop ideas to their full potential. Where script written is shared, all for the sole purpose of achieving the perfect film incorporating sound ideas and techniques.

During our more than 10 years experience, we have continued to accumulate numerous accolades and awards both nationally and internationally. The Gunn Report, Creative Review, January 2001 declared that we are the 5th most successful production house in the world based on awards won and Suthon Petchsuwan, Thailand and our director was rated as the 4th most prominentdirector in the world based on awards accumulated.

Today Matching Studio's potential goes beyond just the Thai film industry, We are also able to serve the international film industry and deliver the standard expected. 


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