Serviceplan Korea and Germany Win Eurobest Grand Prix for Dot Mini

Serviceplan Group have been awarded 1 Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze at Eurobest 2018.

Serviceplan Group enjoyed a successful Eurobest 2018 with 1 Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze awards. The Grand Prix and Special Award winners were unveiled at the ‘Eurobest Unwrapped’ event on Thursday 13 December in London. A Grand Prix was awarded in Innovation to Dot ‘Making the World Accessible, Dot by Dot’, a revolutionary technology developed by Serviceplan Germany and Korea with the Dot Incorporation in South Korea. Dot Mini also won 2 Gold (1 in Healthcare and 1 in Innovation), 1 Silver (in Design) and 1 Bronze (in Innovation & Solution). Dot Mini is the first smart media device for the visually impaired, and has already been recognized with wins at major international awards including; Cannes Lions, LIA Awards and CLIO Awards.

Serviceplan France celebrated a Silver in Healthcare and a Bronze in Digital for the Andros ‘Autism Can Work’ initiative.


Serviceplan France, Mediaplus France and Serviceplan Austria were jointly awarded a Bronze in Print & Outdoor Craft for The Pink Triangle Issue Poster campaign for Vangardist Magazine. Serviceplan also collected a Bronze in Entertainment for Adoptify – Tierschutzverein München e.V., and a Bronze in Print & Publishing for BMW ‘Bulletproof Brochure’.

Serviceplan Group Global CCO Alexander Schill commented: “We are thrilled to receive a Grand Prix for our work with Dot Incorporation on the Dot Mini, which has the potentital to revolutionize the lives of millions of visually impaired people globally. And awards for work created by our teams in Austria, France, Germany and Korea for clients including Andros, BMW and Dot demonstrates the truly international reach of our creative and innovative talent.”

Julie Kang, CEO, Serviceplan Korea added: “This is stunning news at this point. Dot recently shows a remarkable business outcome including million dollars of Dot Watch export contracts to the global market. Now with Dot Mini, Dot’s vision to be the most innovative Assistive Technology Device company for the visually impaired is getting one step closer. Serviceplan Korea will play the strategic and instrumental role as a Brand Incubating Agency for Dot’s business accelerations in upcoming years. Indeed growing together is the most powerful way to be successful.”


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