Havas Chicago Village Named Agency of Record for Official Nonprofit Partner of Yellowstone National Park

Pro-bono marketing program includes media, creative, PR, digital and social support

The Havas Chicago Village announced its appointment as the new agency of record for Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park with a mission focused on growing engagement and providing ongoing support through education and fundraising. The Village’s media, creative and PR teams will provide pro-bono marketing services to help the nonprofit continue connecting people to Yellowstone through exceptional visitor experiences and educational programs that translate into philanthropic investment to preserve and enhance the park for the future. Yellowstone Forever selected the agency because of its proven Village model, designed to bring together people across all communication disciplines, as well as its clever insights and ideas for engaging with new and diverse audiences through modern storytelling platforms. 


“It’s a privilege to work with such an incredible organization that is committed to sustaining Yellowstone's diverse ecosystem and educating people on the cultural heritage of the world’s first national park,” said Lisa Evia, president, Havas Media Group, and newly appointed member of the Yellowstone Forever Board of Directors. “Our team will collaborate to drive awareness of the philanthropic and education efforts designed to make a positive difference to a place that will truly impact generations to come.”


The Havas Chicago Village will develop and implement an integrated program that supports the nonprofit’s strategic fundraising priorities, including protecting, preserving and enhancing the Yellowstone ecosystem and cultural resources, improving park infrastructure, delivering a world- class visitor experience, and building partnerships.


“Havas Chicago is known for building meaningful American brands through craft and cultural relevance,” said Paul Marobella, Chairman & CEO, Havas Creative North America. “The Chicago Village is committed to bringing to life the vision of Yellowstone Forever—Yellowstone National Park endures forever and inspires a lifelong love of nature—and will help the nonprofit create meaningful connections with consumers through rich content and impactful experiences.”


The new relationship with Yellowstone Forever aligns well with Havas Group’s strategic direction and common mission to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people.


“Havas Chicago is the right agency partner to help us meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities we face as part of our strategic plan. They are willing to go all-in with creative ideas and solutions to help support essential park priorities,” said John Walda, interim president and CEO of Yellowstone Forever. “There is great chemistry with the team, and we look forward to what’s to come from this collaboration.”


About Havas Chicago  

Havas Chicago is committed to building meaningful American brands through craft and culture. The agency brings an unmatched understanding of Millennials’ mindsets and behaviors, and a passion for embracing the emerging trends shaping business and pop culture. Havas Chicago fuses an independent spirit with global scale to support the North American mission to be the most meaningful partner to the modern CMO and modern brands. Learn more on the website, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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