BUDX Records hijacks the biggest streaming platform in the world to promote emerging artists

Along with agency DAVID Bogota, Budweiser created a bot hosted in Discord where tons of music from urban new superstars could be used for streaming


Bogota, Colômbia
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Budweiser, one of ABInBev’s premium brands, started to promote emerging Urban music artists. That’s why two years ago, BUDXRECORDS was created, a music label that has been working to discover those new talents that are waiting to become famous, but who lack opportunities to be heard. Each year, Budweiser has devised different activations in order to do so.

This year, along with agency DAVID Bogota, the brand created Royalty Free Bot, to help new artists to be heard by millions of people, by hijacking Twitch, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

Streamers and gamers regularly use music in the background of their live streams. However, platforms like Twitch ban and block them when they don’t own the rights of that music. Budweiser found a way to help them.

That’s why the brand created a bot that will be hosted on Discord (another of the most popular social media in the world) in which there will be uploaded thousands of songs of emerging artists. Royalty Free Bot will be playing the content 24/7 so any streamer around the world could use it, giving unknown artist the exposure they need in front of an unusual public.

The campaign will be spread with the help of some of the best streamers in Latinamerica, such as WestCol, Leandro, MrStiven, Natalan and Coscu.

“It’s very uncommon that an idea brilliantly solves two different problems at the same time. Royalty Free Bot starts with a real tension of new artists and another one of streamers. After several months of work and technical development, we hope that throught theb bot, gamers and streamers become our best allies in promoting Budweiser artists,” says Natalia Aguirre, Budweiser Brand Marketing Manager in Colombia.

“Urban music and gaming are two passions very attached to some people of the team at DAVID. That’s why working on platforms like BUDXRecords, just give us the pleasure to work on a very honest purpose of a brand promoting art in our country, while having fun,” added Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, Chief Creative Officer of DAVID Bogotá.

To use the bot, people just need to access Discord and look for BUDXRecords. 

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