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Andre Gray, CCO of annex88, explains how listening to your audience and playing to the strengths of the medium chosen can lead to content becoming...  ler mais


Laura Maness, Stephanie Nerlich and Nikki Laughlin share their perspectives on the state of the industry, equal opportunities and representation.   ler mais


DE&I can’t be the responsibility of one leader with those letters in their title. The most effective approach is when DE&I is deeply integrated...  ler mais


Havas New York on mobilizing to meet this crisis.  ler mais

Headline Makers

Last month, we were lucky enough to sit down with Havas New York’s CEO, Laura Maness, and CCO, Harry Bernstein, to uncover what makes Havas NY, the...  ler mais


We are ALL IN on setting the conditions for a creative lifestyle where employees feel valued, inspired, nourished and supported well beyond their...  ler mais