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Point of View

Read on to learn what changes or improvements agencies hope to see more of in the new year regarding diversity, inclusion, and representation.   ler mais

Exclusive Point of View

The success that Havas and Reckitt share is thanks to their willingness to listen and to make a positive impact through true representation.  ler mais

Point of View

Many companies think about diversity, equity and inclusion as a box they need to check as opposed to a system they need to build. Inclusivity goes...  ler mais


When the job is done right, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion should not only touch, but inform, every aspect of the business.   ler mais

Exclusive Creativity

SunChips is airing its first national campaign in four years that spotlights one-of-a-kind artists from across the country.  ler mais

Perspectives Creativity

There’s finally a global directory of businesses that people can use to change their spending habits for the better.   ler mais


Yet somehow, we are not 5.6% of marketer budgets. We are not 5.6% of ad spend. We are not 5.6% of families in ads.  ler mais


I am glad to see there is an increase in DE&I roles across many organizations, but it has to start from the top down to make an impact.  ler mais