#SayYesToTheWorld: DDB Group Italy for Lufthansa

The works of art on display were created by artist Davide Calluori and his studio, B612


Gabriele Caeti
Executive Creative Director DDB Group Italy

Luca Cortesini
Executive Creative Director presso DDB Group Italy

Tell us about your role in the creation of this work.

The agency worked on every piece of the project from the insight to the idea generation and its development.

Give us an overview of the campaign, what is it about?

The campaign highlights the importance of traveling in order to discover places for yourself, since the internet enables people to go everywhere without experiencing something for real.

Tell us about the details creative brief, what did it ask?

Lufthansa wanted to connect to Italian people showing them their human side through an interactive branded content.

Which insight led to the creation of this piece of work?

Every year millions of Italians fake their holidays uploading fake pictures on Instagram, so this is why we needed to do something to remind people how great it is to travel.

Can you share with us any alternative ideas (if any) for this campaign? Why was this idea chosen?  

This was the only project we presented, we felt it was the best way to reach the objectives of the brief.

What was the greatest challenge that you and your team faced during development.

Booking the best place for arts in Italy: La Triennale, and creating high quality prints was really hard but the hard work paid off big time.

What did you enjoy most about seeing this campaign through? Did you learn anything new from the experience?

Creating a piece of art is always a great experience, especially in advertising, where art is not that common.

Where do you see this campaign going in the future?

There is no need to make predictions, we already know that the Exhibition will travel abroad since the client loved it and it worked very well to reach all the objectives.