Meet the Interns: The Voice's Raymond Corriea

The way it all stacks up in a pyramid, with us interns as the base, is kind of humbling.

Tell us about your internship, what are your main responsibilities?

I’m a writer, so I have to work on everything that involves our clients and their projects: headlines for ads, copy for websites, come up with concepts for emails and banner ads, scripts for videos — pretty much anything that involves words… and I work with the art directors, so I have to think visually, too.

Do you have a dream account or brand you’d like to work with? Which one?

Everybody wants to make a Super Bowl commercial, but I don’t have that assignment (yet).

Talk to us about the culture in your office, how has it impacted your internship?

The Voice is so amazing. First of all, all the rooms are decorated in different design styles, like the Art Nouveau room, or the Bauhaus room, or even the kitchen, which is loaded with branded merchandise, because “kitchen starts with kitsch” (who knew?). But then, to have a structure with fellow interns, then apprentices (who are the same as us, but with a little more experience, plus they get paid), then the “worker bees”, then management, then executive leadership… the way it all stacks up in a pyramid, with us interns as the base, is kind of humbling.

What have you learned about the industry that surprised you? 

How to multitask… focus… get along with saints and devils… how companies make money… how to apply the apps I learned in a real-world setting… the history of advertising… how to present… how to create… when to destroy.

Imagine your dream job, where are you, what does a day-to-day look like?

Like most people, I’m on a beach, doing creative, with an adult beverage and a girl that adores me right there.

What are the next steps for you? Are you considering another internship, looking for jobs?

I have to graduate college first, then I’ll look for a job in New York City. I might apply at The Voice as an apprentice if they’ll take me.

What is your favorite ad of all time?

Always the latest – here’s one that stoked me this morning.