Human network can do miracles: Vodafone by McCann Prague

"The strongest network is you". Filip Kukla, Group Creative Director at McCann Prague explains us how they adapt this Vodafone tagline to Christmas giving it a real human touch.


Filip Kukla
Group Creative Director McCann Prague

  • Give us an overview of the campaign, what is it about and what was your role in the creation?

“Human network can do miracles” is the name of Vodafone’s new Christmas spot. The creative format is based on Vodafone’s new communication platform introduced in summer this year. In the long term, the operator’s communication has been based on conveying its main purpose, i.e. to influence the society in a positive way and to connect people.

The role of McCann Prague was to come up with locally relevant long term idea to support this mission. That’s why we came up with the concept “The strongest network is you”, to demonstrate the fact, that technology can do miracles, but the true human-to-human connection is irreplaceable. Vodafone is here to remind us, that the strongest network is  the human one and technology is here to connect us.


  • How is this holiday communication different from the usual for this advertiser?

 This campaign is a little revolution for Czech telco market. Our image campaign is not primarily selling any products or services. It only wants to show to people, what they are able to change for better when they connect together. Vodafone is the only responsible operator, who doesn’t want to take from society but also give back.


  •  What inspired you to approach the campaign this way? 

We are living in a rapidly evolving digital revolution. By now, everyone has seen the role of  the technology as a helper. It makes our life easier and effective every day and solves many problems and keeps promising more and more. But the true connection in between people is irreplaceable by any technology. Vodafone is here to remind us, that the strongest connection is  the “human-to-human” one.

Society in Czech republic also became very divided due to politics, populism, fake news and social media. We want to present technology as tool to connect people for the good, not to divide.


  • What’s a “behind the scenes” story that only you know about?

The main actor is the famous Czech actor, teacher and activist Ondřej Vetchý. He is featured in the spot with his real son. But his role not just to be the face of the campaign but rather Chief activist of Vodafone Czech Republic.


  • What is your favourite holiday campaign of all time?

 Man on the Moon by John Lewis & Apple Christmas Advert form 2013


  • What can we expect for McCann Prague in 2020?

 After Holiday season you can expect more “The strongest network is you” campaigns. We would love to play with more tangible and vibrant topics and inspire people to connect around locally relevant problems. Also we have strengthen the creative leadership at McCann Prague so expect more to come.


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