Collaborative Creativity At Its Best: Forsman & Bodenfors, Göteborg

Creating at Forsman & Bodenfors is very much like creating music in a band.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your current role.

I started to work in advertising back in 1985. Just to see how it was, and I originally planned to continue my studies at a university. But I got stuck working as an art director until 1990. I then became a professional musician, something I did for about ten years when suddenly Forsman & Bodenfors called me and asked if I could help them. So, since 2000 I have been with the agency.

Creating at Forsman & Bodenfors is very much like creating music in a band. The collective group is the most important thing.  There are no individual stars at Forsman & Bodenfors.

How would you describe the culture of Goteborg?

Gothenburg is an industrial/harbour city, and the second biggest city in Sweden. This affects how we are here. You are a member of a team. The most creative culture has always been underground. Which makes the culture very close to people’s hearts. And the city of Gothenburg keeps certain areas unrestored, so the low budget culture can grow.


In what ways does the city of Goteborg inspire you?

Since we are the second biggest city in Sweden, we are trained to fight the power. Always fight upward. You might call it jealousy, but it gives you strength to work harder. And never give up on what you believe in, no matter what the trends are around the world.


What do you think Goteborg can offer to young talents and industry leaders that differentiates from other cities?

The power of being a member in a team. Just relax, you don´t have to compete with your colleages. Collaboration over competition. And there is a safety net that allows you to fail, because you don’t fail alone. Which helps you feel safe to create strange bold idéas.


What would you say is the most unique aspect Goteborg offers agencies?

Except for the facts above, The weather or the climate. It rains a lot, and that brings people together indoors. What else can you do, except work…?


What is your favorite hidden-gem in Goteborg?

The underground music scene. So active and progressive. There are several small underground venues. Just find someone who can take you to one.


If you could change something about Goteborg, what would it be?

More people. More inhabitants. But we are working on it. Right now we are building buildings, that can inhabit a whole new city. So pack your bags and come over. You are more than welcome!