A Touch of Aussie Irreverence: Search Consultancy TrinityP3 Founder & Global CEO, Darren Woolley

Australia is a fusion of advertising styles. Like Milton the Monster


TrinityP3 Australia
North Sydney, Austrália
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Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your current role.

Darren Woolley – I started my career as a research scientist before becoming a copywriter and a creative director in Australia. Twenty years ago I founded TrinityP3, a management consultancy focused on improving the productivity and performance of marketing, media and advertising. Today we have offices in Sydney, London, Singapore, New York and Zurich.


Australia is a hotspot for creativity and is consistently one of the most-awarded countries. Who or what inspired you to get into advertising and marketing communications?

Growing up I watched a lot of television (before the recommended one hour of screen time a day) and I remember the ads that were funny, entertaining, smart and memorable for products like Holeproof, No Knickers, Computer Socks and more. It was only later that I discovered this work was all done by one agency – The Campaign Palace.


In your opinion, what are the key differences between Australia and other countries within the industry? 

Australia is a fusion of advertising styles. Like Milton the Monster: Six drops of English humor. Five drops of American sentimentality. And a huge touch of Aussie irreverence.


What are your favorite Australian ad campaigns or brand activations and why?

At the moment I am loving the work for Uber Eats from The Special Group. This time last year they highjacked The Australian Open Tennis, with a campaign that went on the clean-up Internationally. Recently they launched a series based on comedy ‘Kath & Kim’, with Sharon played by the talented Magda Szubanski and Kim, played by Kim Kardashian – funny, memorable, irreverent, entertaining - brilliant.


Which brands in Australia are considered aspirational or leading-edge in terms of their products and their marketing?

From my medical research background, I have always been proud CSL is one of the world’s leading biotech companies. In technology it is brilliant that both Xero and MYOB both have origin stories in Australia. In marketing, it is exciting that Tribe – the influencer platform was originated here by Jules Lund. But on a very personal basis, the best chocolate in the world is Haighs and the best personal care brands in the world is Aesop. And that is no tale.


What do you think Australians can teach ad folk in other countries?

Laugh at yourself – as often and as much as you can. Life is too short to take it so seriously. If you want to have a laugh at advertising and marketing then I highly recommend you get a copy of Ryan Wallman’s (@Dr_Draper) book “Delusions of Brandeur” – belly laughs about advertising from front to back.


Last, please share your favorite hidden gem in your city, either your adopted city or your home.

Sydney is full of hidden gems. Just walking distance from my office in North Sydney is a beautiful secret garden, on the edge of Lavender Bay, created by Wendy Whiteley. Just the most tranquil oasis in the heart of a city.