TituloSephora Illumination
BriefMany Canadians feel unseen by the beauty industry with many struggling to find makeup for their skin tone. But Sephora’s Colour iQ’s shade match tool was created to address that gap. Building on their belief that beauty thrives in diversity, we created Illumination – a campaign and interactive installation celebrating the unique beauty of Canadians.We took the Colour iQ shade match data of over 140,000 real Canadians and transformed it into an immersive celebration. The data points within the interactive installation experience responded to visitors’ hand motions and movements triggering unique visual and sound design elements. After completing the experience, visitors could discover their own unique shade through on-site Colour iQ scans.Nationally, there was a 60% increase in scans and stores with accompanying out-of-home placements saw a 170% increase in Colour iQ scans. The campaign garnered over 239 million earned impressions to date across news, fashion, and entertainment media.
Campanha Sephora Illumination
Anunciante Sephora
Marca Sephora

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Ad Agency Z..u A...a K..o Somente assinantes
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Associate Creative Director / Copywriter Ch.....na R...e Somente assinantes
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Designer An.....ija M...c Somente assinantes
Managing Director, Zulubot L...ie .y Somente assinantes
Director of Interactive Production, Zulubot ..e I..n Somente assinantes
Account Team L..a Wal......xon Somente assinantes
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Account Team M..e S...on Somente assinantes
Strategy Director H....er S...l Somente assinantes
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Media Agency Z...th M...a Somente assinantes
Media Team N...le Ma.....son Somente assinantes
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PR Agency M...le C...d Somente assinantes
PR Team J...ie Kl.....rg Somente assinantes
PR Team Co....ey St.....rt Somente assinantes
PR Team L...a L...en Somente assinantes
Director of Integrated Production ..a St.....ka Somente assinantes
Agency Producer T...sa B...ey Somente assinantes
Agency Producer J...e B...k Somente assinantes
Production House Z....ot Somente assinantes
Executive Producer A..m P...er Somente assinantes
Director J...y .i Somente assinantes
Director of Photography J..k C..n Somente assinantes
Line Producer A..m R....ss Somente assinantes
Production Manager R...n ..l Somente assinantes
Coordinator S...e G...z Somente assinantes
Photographer Ge.....ve Ch......eau .�� F..e R..s Somente assinantes
Photography Producer D....la F...t Somente assinantes
Offline Edit Company Z....ot Somente assinantes
Offline Edit Producer S...hi P...l Somente assinantes
Editor M...h Ri.....es Somente assinantes
Editor Assistant A...an Gl......ich Somente assinantes
Colour Transfer Company A...r ..o Somente assinantes
Colourist E..c W...p Somente assinantes
Colourist A...ew R..s Somente assinantes
Colour Producer G...a Mc.....fe Somente assinantes
Online Company F..t Y..k Somente assinantes
Online Artist M...o Po.....lli Somente assinantes
Online Artist S...na C..i Somente assinantes
Online Producer E...a Bou........ssaf Somente assinantes
Recording Studio P...te S...d Somente assinantes
Creative Director / Engineer ..n B...y Somente assinantes
Voice Director A..x N....ll Somente assinantes
Audio Producer M...ie Blo......arl Somente assinantes
French Agency ..e F...ch S..p Somente assinantes
Account Manager J....ca D...is Somente assinantes
Production Coordinator Je....er L...ry Somente assinantes
Creative Studio Su.....en Somente assinantes
XM Agency Wo.....akr Somente assinantes
Studio Mac Artist P...l Pe....ki Somente assinantes
Studio Editor C....ia B....ch Somente assinantes
Studio Retouching N...l E....di Somente assinantes
Printer Se....ss Gr....cs Somente assinantes
Agency Z..u A...a K..o Somente assinantes

About Zulu Alpha Kilo

Trade publications have written that Zulu Alpha Kilo (Z.A.K. for short) stands out as a ‘maverick global indie agency’ within the fiercely competitive advertising industry dominated by global holding companies. Launched in 2008, we’re proud that our shop has built a reputation over the years as an industry outlier and one of the most respected independent agencies in the world.
In 2016, Ad Age named us Small Agency of the Year and in 2017, 2021 and 2022, International Small Agency of the Year. We were featured as one of Forbes Top 100 Innovators of 2018, The Drum’s Agency of the Year 2021, and Campaign US 2021 Independent Agency of the Year. For three years running, Fast Company has recognized our work in their World Changing Ideas issue. In 2022, we were listed among the top ten independent agencies in the world in Cannes, One Show and D&AD, based on a body of effective, breakthrough work.
We were founded on the belief that the world needs more creativity. It’s what drives all our decision-making. There is just so much ineffective, badly crafted work in the world that never gets noticed, has zero impact and is a waste of client budgets. We are here to change all that.
When you truly embrace creativity as a competitive advantage, you will see it transform your world and your business. We’ve witnessed this over and over with our own clients.
And, as a purpose-driven company, we also use our creativity to do good in the world by supporting causes we truly believe in.
With 180 staff in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, Z.A.K. is a magnet for top global talent. Want to change your world as a marketer? Let’s fight sameness together. 

Latest News

Woot! selects Zulu Alpha Kilo as their AOR

U.S. Internet retailer, Woot! – a subsidiary of amazon – has appointed Zulu Alpha Kilo as their strategy, creative & design, and production partner. The move is set to transform Woot’s online shopping platform as they approach their 20th anniversary.

Woot! is the original daily deals site, founded in 2004 before being acquired by Amazon in 2010. They are based in Carrollton, Texas and offer special daily deals and other limited time offers across seven categories, including computers, electronics, home and sporting goods, plus original t-shirts, on Woot.com. Over the last 19 years, they have built a very strong and loyal following from bargain hunters across America.

As part of the new assignment, the Z.A.K. team is tasked with developing a fundamental brand strategy and positioning, a unique design identity system, and finally, a breakthrough creative platform to relaunch the internet retailer across the U.S. The work will be led by the agency’s West coast office in Vancouver.

“As we entered into our 20th year of operations, we wanted to make a big statement for the brand and help expand the business and we’re excited to be partnering with a company like Zulu Alpha Kilo,” says Arsalan Ahmed, Chief Marketing Officer of Woot! “When meeting with Z.A.K., we could quickly see their passion and successful track record for launching great brands that required strategic strength, design expertise and out of the box creative thinking.”

This new assignment comes on the heels of a successful year where the Vancouver office partnered with AT2, while launching initiatives for ferry company, Hullo!, Save-On-Foods, Destination BC, and a campaign for Vancity Original’s bid to bring an NBA franchise back to the city.

“This is such a fun and incredible brand and team to be partnering with,” says David Tremblay, Managing Director of Zulu Alpha Kilo, Vancouver. “The opportunity to shift the eCommerce space with a brand that is hungry and quirky is going to be special. We can’t wait to help shape the next phase of their growth.” 

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