TituloHoje Friday, tomorrow too. Mais Skol, Mais Verao
Campanha Hoje Friday, tomorrow too. Mais Skol, Mais Verao
Anunciante Carlsberg Unibra
Marca Skol

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A beer brand transforms the concept of Happy Hour into "Water Hour" to generate an intelligent movement

Even though the world is experiencing a trend of adopting increasingly healthy habits, the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated when consuming alcoholic beverages isn’t recognized yet.The reasons are several, among them, that many times the price of water is comparable to that of an alcoholic beverage. However, how much easier it would be to encourage water consumption between alcoholic drinks if, somehow, someone or something reminded us that it is time to stopthe ball and drink water before continuing.

One way to do it is to take an existing habit in global culture, the Happy Hour, and transform it into a new concept: the Water Hour.

"When we party, we express our joy and fun through movements, Water Hour is one of those intelligent movements that make it possible for us to enjoy ourselves better," said Camilo Guanes, partner and DGC of Oniria\TBWA, the Paraguayan agency behind the initiative.

In this way, the possibility of generating moments of water consumption between drinks at events, parties and concerts is sought, in alliance with the best bars and nightclubs in Asunción. In each place, at various times of the night, accompanied by a show and music that marks the moment, people present are invited to drink water by handing out complimentary bottles.

This action stems from the search to generate a smart consumption habit, installing this new concept in the outing routine. In addition, it is part of Cervepar's challenge to promote intelligent and responsible consumption, aligned with the company's global policy and adapted to the local context and regulations.

"The objective of the campaign is to contribute to society, the country and the world, this cultural change, and give all generations positive and responsible habits that generate this association with good experiences," said Anahí Britez, director of Corporate Affairs. and Cervepar Legal.

During the campaign, codes with special discounts will also be promoted to use UBER to
reaffirm Cervepar's commitment to drink and not drive. 

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