TituloThe All New 2023 Kia Sportage Turbo Hybride
Campanha The All New Kia Sportage 2023
Anunciante Kia Motors
Marca Kia Sportage

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About David&Goliath

We are David&Goliath, an integrated creative advertising agency. We’re a true challenger agency. It’s in our name and DNA. We believe there is a challenger in all of us. And that being a challenger is a mindset, not a market position. Our mission is to help inspire people and brands to embrace their challenger spirit to unleash their true potential. Our philosophy and guiding principle is Brave. Brave is having the courage to embrace who you are and live it every day. Brave is our filter for everything we do. From how we inspire our people to bravely take on their biggest fears, to the 10 Brave Ways that guide us, to Today, I’m Brave, the non-profit we created to inspire people all around the world. When your name is David&Goliath, you can’t help but live the challenger spirit every day. And we do this by developing ideas that challenge the status quo and defy category conventions. We help our clients step into their own bravery by taking smart, calculated risks in order to overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. 

Latest News

Larger Than Life Buckets of Jollibee’s World-Famous Chickenjoy Appear in the Heart of Times Square in Latest David&Goliath Campaign

So Irresistibly Crispy and Juicy, Life-Like Billboard Models Can’t Help but 

Grab a Drumstick for Themselves

Times Square is the epicenter for outdoor advertising, full of vibrant, blazing electronic billboards that boast ads from brands around the world. Where life-like, flawless models accentuate luxury products from perfume to watches. When Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) recently opened its flagship restaurant in Times Square, it already drew massive crowds as fans lined up around the corner of its new home at 1500 Broadway. But with all the stimulation of millions of brands vying to get noticed, how can Jollibee, recently voted “best chain fried chicken” by eater.com, capture the attention…and taste buds of the hundreds of thousands of people who stroll through the world’s most iconic stage every day? Disrupt the madness with pure joy, that’s how.  

Building on the momentum of Jollibee’s grand opening, David&Goliath, the brand’s creative agency of record, unveils its latest creative campaign, which went live Monday, September 12, in the heart of pulsating Times Square. The creative centers around two enormous digital billboards of those models – you know the flawless ones promoting perfume and watches – who, in the middle of their perfect pose, become so wildly enticed by the delicious smell and crispiness of Jollibee’s world-famous Chickenjoy on a nearby video outdoor board, they can’t help but break character and grab a drumstick from a bucket for themselves. Their impeccable façade is quickly disrupted, as they indulge in the pure joy of Jollibee’s juicy and mouthwatering fried chicken. 

“The opening of Jollibee’s Times Square flagship store in New York City is monumental,” said Luis Velasco, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Jollibee North America. “Not only does it draw a colossal number of tourists and visitors alike, it aligns with our vision to become one of the top five restaurant companies in the world serving great tasting food and bringing the joy of eating to everyone. And having a footprint in Times Square alongside world-class brands is a step in that direction.” 

“People converge on Times Square from all over the world, for the energy, the attractions, and let’s face it, the glitzy bigger-than-life outdoor boards that have become symbols of success for top global brands,” said Josh Miller, Executive Creative Director, David&Goliath. “So, when we thought about how to introduce Jollibee to the mass market in NYC on a grand scale, we decided to embrace the medium Times Square is known for, but put our own playful spin on it to stand out. Jollibee’s iconic signature fried chicken, Chickenjoy, is so crispy and so juicy, it’s literally hard to resist. So, we thought, what if our Jollibee OOH looks so delicious, it entices models from adjacent eye-catching fashion ads to reach off their boards, and onto ours, to grab a piece of Chickenjoy? Jollibee is all about spreading joy through great–tasting food. Here, we’re spreading it to NYC, to Times Square, and even the models in neighboring ads.”

The digital billboards are located across the street from Jollibee’s new branch that stands at 1500 Broadway between West 43rd and 44th Streets, located beside the Good Morning America Studio and Bow Tie of Midtown. The campaign will run through October 16th


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