TituloLife, Scripted: A series of location-based out-of-home
Campanha Life, Scripted
Anunciante Chicago International Film Festival
Marca Chicago International Film Festival

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Data da primeira Transmissão/Publicação Somente assinantes
Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Case Study
Pós produção Sa....ky Somente assinantes
Deputy Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide ..e Sc.....tta Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo D..e L..w Somente assinantes
Executive Design Director G..e U...el Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo L..s G....el R....ez A...s Somente assinantes
Group Creative Director H...l P...ya Somente assinantes
Creative Director, Design C...or F....ng Somente assinantes
Redator H...ah L...va Somente assinantes
Director de arte S....rs F..d Somente assinantes
Designer L...a V....an Somente assinantes
Designer ..o Wa....be Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo da agência G...e Mc.....ck Somente assinantes
Produtor da agência Ma....zi Sc....nn Somente assinantes
Print Producer ..i W....rs Somente assinantes
Produtor de linha St....ie B..u S....el Somente assinantes
Content Creative Director K..e O...ot Somente assinantes
Editor Ch......her M...s Somente assinantes
Production Manager A...ea R..y Somente assinantes
Production Manager M..y M...z Somente assinantes
Director de contas L....ay H...k Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade A...ew ..n B..k Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade V...an T..g Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade M..i P....he Somente assinantes
Director de publicidade M..k M...en Somente assinantes
Executive Creative Director, Post E..n Sa....ky Somente assinantes
Post Creative Director D...te E...s Somente assinantes
Executive Post Producer S...en An....on Somente assinantes
Post-production Producer A...ew Ro.....ein Somente assinantes
Animação A...ei P..a Somente assinantes
Finishing C..y D...s Somente assinantes
Finishing J...e G..y Somente assinantes

About Ogilvy Chicago

Our mission is to help brands and people impact the world.
Consumers today expect the brands they love to contribute positively to their lives, communities and society. At Ogilvy, we understand this, and the implications it holds. This makes our mission both pertinent for right now and for the future.
Impact can take on many forms, in moments both grand and intimate. Regardless of size and scale, we help brands make an impact on their people and communities so they can live up to their fullest potential. We help connect impact to financial success and growth opportunities for our clients. As an agency partner, it is our responsibility to ensure that the investment that our clients make on their marketing efforts drive success both in the short- and long-term.
As an integrated, global communication network, we work across all channels, along the customer’s decision journey. We have designed our structure so we are able to operate at the intersection of talent and capabilities. Our model centers on five core businesses—Advertising, Public Relations & Influence, Experience, Growth & Innovation, and Health—each offering distinct, bestin-class expertise and intersecting seamlessly together to bring clients the right solution.

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