TituloMary & Jason
Campanha Beyond Generations
Anunciante Microsoft
Marca Xbox

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Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
HistóriaSomente assinantes
FilosofiaSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Branded Content
President & Chief Creative Officer La....ce T....on Somente assinantes
President & Chief Creative Officer ..b D...al Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo J...e M...z Somente assinantes
Director executivo criativo S...iv M...ry Somente assinantes
Senior Creative J...s C...by Somente assinantes
Senior Creative W....am C...am Somente assinantes
Head of Design L..a C....na Somente assinantes
Designer D...d C...es Somente assinantes
Senior Planner Jo....an B...er Somente assinantes
Senior Planner M..e Ph....ps Somente assinantes
Managing Diretor J....ca Ta....ge Somente assinantes
Managing Partner S....sh J..i Somente assinantes
Diretor dos Negócios O...r Fl....ft Somente assinantes
Director de contas M....ie V....rs Somente assinantes
Senior Account Manager ..y S....pa Somente assinantes
Account Associate E...se Th....on Somente assinantes
Project Director C...e P...er Somente assinantes
Senior Project Manager G....ia We.....all Somente assinantes
Produtora C...t L...on Somente assinantes
Chief Production Officer S...io L...z Somente assinantes
Head of Integrated Production S...ie Cha........rews Somente assinantes
Produtor executivo A..c Ch....ie Somente assinantes
Senior Producer Z..a B....ur Somente assinantes
Head of Post Production P...o P...o Somente assinantes
Post-production Producer J...e C...er Somente assinantes
Produtor S...h H..l Somente assinantes
Senior Print Producer L..m W...e Somente assinantes
Print Producer S...e T...er Somente assinantes
Production Business Affairs ..l B...e Somente assinantes
Production Business Affairs M...y St....er Somente assinantes
Realizador C...s F...es Somente assinantes
Produtor Z..a B....ur Somente assinantes
Director de fotografia Te....ce W....ns Somente assinantes
Compositor C...s D...y Somente assinantes
Editor A..x Y...g Somente assinantes
Assistant Producer T..y B...en Somente assinantes
Assistant Editor A...ey J...er Somente assinantes
Camera Assistant M...i G...er Somente assinantes
Camera Assistant L..e Ma.....ce Somente assinantes
Sound Design and Mix M...i M....su Somente assinantes
Grade S....an P...y Somente assinantes
Online Artist S...n H..l Somente assinantes
Covid Supervisor D...d D...ne Somente assinantes
Illustrator ..n .f A..n Somente assinantes

About McCann London

A hundred years ago HK McCann set out to build something. He started with a point of view and a creative department and one client; a start up called Standard Oil. They did a good job building that brand, and they built another one called General Motors. And one called Coca Cola and Microsoft. In fact out of the hundred most lasting brands of the last century, more of them were crafted at McCann than any other agency.
Why? Because we build to last. We don’t build fads or gimics or trophy shelves, we build brands. We give them a meaning and a purpose in the World and a long term vision. We take a truth and we tell it well. The proof is in the pudding; take a moment and look towards the work, and most importantly the results we have delivered for likes of London 2012, L'Oréal, Shreddies, Subway, MasterCard and Xbox to name a few.
What’s our secret? At the heart of every idea is a truth, not a fact, not a stat, a human truth that is timeless and enduring. A truth that gives meaning to a brand and how it connects with its customers, a truth that spurns timely tactics, campaign and stories, forever flexible, always connected. After all, we live in a disposable society, where products and marketing ideas come and go with amazing speed. In the world of stunts and tactics and projects and buzz words, we believe that building lasting brands with a lasting purpose is more important than it’s ever been.
McCann London - Truth Well Told. 

Latest News


Integrated creative agency McCann London is promoting cereal brand Shreddies with a brand new creative platform.


In the spot, directed by Owen Trevor at Stink, and titled ‘Shreddie or Not?’, we follow a dad throughout his normal daily life. However, this story is inventively told in stereo: to show the alternative realities after the sliding doors moment of him eating Shreddies for breakfast or not.


The simple premise shows that when you boil life down to its fundamentals, there are two types of people. Those who choose to start their day with four layers of fortified wholegrain shreddieness, and those that don’t.

The simultaneous consequences for dad couldn’t be more different. In one reality, he’s on the ball, he’s a winner, he’s his son’s hero, a loving husband. But on the flipside, he’s unlucky, accident prone and doomed to have a bad day.  

The humorous film sets a bold new direction for one of Britain’s family favourite brands, and sits under Shreddies new ‘Shreddie or Not?’ platform, which launches on 4th September and will also be supported by OOH, tactical social and digital assets.

Laurence Thomson, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer at McCann London said: “We’ve all had them… the good days and the bad. When you wake up and it feels like the world’s your oyster, and then there are those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed.

Here we demonstrate the importance of starting your day right, with a simple bowl of Shreddies.


Based on the creative idea ‘Shreddie or Not?’, the premise is get ready for the day ahead. A big shout out to director Owen for his great vision and the team behind this campaign. Looking forward to what comes next”. 

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