TituloForte Femme
BriefKazakhstan is a region where women are traditionally expected to play the archetypal role of stay-at-home mothers. It is considered unacceptable to invite a woman to a business negotiation or shake a woman’s hand at the end of it.Yet, women operate 41% of small and medium-sized businesses.They endeavor to start their own businesses but are afraid to develop them.The campaign’s objective is to change the society’s opinion about female entrepreneurship and to inspire businesswomen to develop their businesses and use the bank’s services.A week before International Women’s Day, a huge number of bloggers, journalists and ordinary people noticed that money started to have a nice smell. And then the bank revealed Forte Femme perfume and, together with thousands of businesswomen, daubed all money circulating in their businesses with it.The whole country has started to literally feel the women’s contribution to its’ future and development.
Campanha Woman
Anunciante ForteBank
Marca ForteBank

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PostedDezembro 2019
Sector EmpresarialSomente assinantes
HistóriaSomente assinantes
Tipo de Mídia Case Study
Entrant Company V....od A...cy Somente assinantes
Creative Director A...ey Gu......lin Somente assinantes
Copywriter G...gy Ko....ov Somente assinantes
Copywriter A...n R...in Somente assinantes
Copywriter A...m Epa......tev Somente assinantes
Copywriter A...a Kh.....va Somente assinantes
Design Director Vl.....av Der......ykh Somente assinantes
Art Director K...ll R...an Somente assinantes
Head of strategy D...ry D...k Somente assinantes
Digital Creative Director D...ry Ma....ov Somente assinantes
Digital Art Director A..a Ma.....ova Somente assinantes
Strategist Ve....ka Ma....va Somente assinantes
Developer V....iy T...in Somente assinantes
Web designer L...ya Za......ina Somente assinantes
Producer El.....ta La.....va Somente assinantes
PR & Media Agency .A Ko....at Somente assinantes
Production D....'s Pr.....ion Somente assinantes

About Voskhod

«Voskhod» — it’s advertising without borders: geographical,national, genre. Our clients (foreign and Russian) have alreadyappreciated the effectiveness of advertising, where creativity and mediaare united.
To move beyond — that has been our constant motto since 1996. 

Latest News

A new website targeted at European clients

We’ve launched a website targeted at our European clients, and the format is absolutely unique for the advertising B2B market.

The boutique selling ad services lives according to the rules of an online-shop. You will find no success stories or manifestos or happy faces of employees – nothing you would usually expect from a website of an ad agency. What we have here is a clear list of services, a comprehensive product description, transparent prices and an online cart.

The design is as simple and clean as it could be, as the main function of the website is clarity. All art & technology solutions serve to one purpose only – to highlight the idea that design, creative and advertising have no boundaries and are accessible to clients all over the world.

It wouldn’t be a website by a famous creative agency if it had no surprises. Surfing through the website, a visitor can choose the shop’s colour scheme on the main page thus colouring the online environment, and the ordering process is accompanied by friendly visual encouragement.

Dmitry Maslakov, Voskhod’s digital director:
— We work with European start-ups and see that sometimes they have to go through a long negotiating process to find the perfect time/price/quality balance. But every single day makes a difference for them. They have no time to meet and talk – sometimes they have to create design for an app and develop its promotion strategy at the same time. We hope they’ll find this format of work convenient.


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