TituloThe World’s Shortest Test Drive
Campanha The World’s Shortest Test Drive
Anunciante Kia Motors
Marca Kia Sorento

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About David&Goliath

We are David&Goliath, an integrated creative advertising agency. We’re a true challenger agency. It’s in our name and DNA. We believe there is a challenger in all of us. And that being a challenger is a mindset, not a market position. Our mission is to help inspire people and brands to embrace their challenger spirit to unleash their true potential. Our philosophy and guiding principle is Brave. Brave is having the courage to embrace who you are and live it every day. Brave is our filter for everything we do. From how we inspire our people to bravely take on their biggest fears, to the 10 Brave Ways that guide us, to Today, I’m Brave, the non-profit we created to inspire people all around the world. When your name is David&Goliath, you can’t help but live the challenger spirit every day. And we do this by developing ideas that challenge the status quo and defy category conventions. We help our clients step into their own bravery by taking smart, calculated risks in order to overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. 

Latest News

Kia Motors Reclaims the Summer Road Trip as the Country Begins to Slowly Open

Remember how we’d just get in our cars and drive? It didn’t even matter where to. Windows down, the summer breeze blowing through our hair. A longing that’s so familiar you can almost feel it. As the summer season begins and we safely move toward a new normal, let’s take a trip back to a time when the Great American Road Trip was very much the fabric of our lives.

In the spirit of Kia Motors America’s brand ethos, Give It Everything, inspiring what’s possible, the brand has launched a new campaign, “Let’s Road Trip,” which harkens back to forgotten times as it celebrates this uniquely American tradition. Knitting together curated vintage 8mm footage from the golden age of the road trip, with present-day imagery from Kia’s award-winning model lineup, it connects the past with the present, or, more importantly, provides us with a glimpse into our future.

Created by David&Goliath (D&G), “Let’s Road Trip” began broadcasting nationally Friday, June 5. The hero spot is a :60 that underscores our shared human need for freedom, something that’s been curtailed for so very long by global events. The film begins with a reminder of simpler times: “Remember how we’d just get in our cars and drive?” A series of retro, nostalgic shots follows, featuring, among others, a little boy ready to depart with his suitcase, a father and son on a fishing trip, and a waving rancher passing by with his herd. The voice-over goes on to assert a hands-down win for the car in a time when getting on a plane seems a far-off prospect: “It might be a while before we’ll see America from 35,000 feet. But the view from 6 feet is even better.” Then, the voice-over reminds us of some of the pleasures of stopping along the way for, among other things, boiled peanuts (a southern delicacy). Before ending with an epic aerial shot of a lone highway cutting through the Texan plains, and the call-to-action: “C’mon America, let’s pick up where we left off. Let’s Road Trip.”

Additional campaign elements include :30, :15, :06 running on national broadcast. The campaign will also feature online banners, social posts, and dealership elements. 

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